News: New Switch update adds a surprise game into the mix

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Nintendo has delivered three new NES games for Switch Online subscribers this week as promised, although there’s an extra treat this week in the shape of Gradius SP (via Eurogamer).

Also known as Gradius: Stage 5, this special version of Konami’s all-time classic shooter starts you off at level 5 and packing some serious heat in the weapons department.

Nintendo has offered special versions of classic NES games in the past for the Switch. The Legend of Zelda also got an SP version, and the Japanese Switch Online service received Mario Open Golf in special form.

Nintendo Switch Online launched in September, and currently boasts a pretty decent lineup of NES classics, including Donkey Kong, Metroid, and Super Mario Bros. 3. In addition, you can also buy NES controllers to complement your retro gaming for the Switch, although they’re a bit on the expensive side.