News: Fortnite to introduce Heavy Assault Rifle

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Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite Battle Royale will be getting a new weapon in the shape of the Heavy Assault Rifle.

As you can see in the image above, the weapon looks pretty much exactly like the iconic AK-47 assault rifle and is described as a ‘powerful assault rifle that is useful when fired in short bursts.’ There’s no release date given, but it’ll probably turn up as part of the next update this week.

In other Fortnite-related news, Kevin the Cube is now no more, having disappeared in a flash of white light over the weekend and revamping the game’s infamous Loot Lake setting. The event also marked the end of the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares. 

The latest Fortnite update added balloons into the mix, giving you a new way of catching some air.