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News: Fallout 76 servers crash after players launch 3 nukes at once

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Meltdown …

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In case you didn’t know, Fallout 76 allows you to launch nukes, something which some players have taken to the extreme over the weekend.

The action kicked off after Nickaroo93 and his team defeated the Scorchbeast Queen, a high-level enemy that spawns after nuking a Fissure Site. They drop rare loot and must be defeated within a set time limit.

But what would happen if you launch more than one nuke? Would it spawn an even deadlier foe to battle?

To find out, he team decide to synchronise the launch of three nuclear weapons, which they do, but upon investigating the blast zone are swiftly booted out of the game as the servers crashed. Apparently, three nukes are just too hot to handle for Bethesda’s online RPG. 

As a result, they were unable to find out if anything spawned following the explosions. 

You can check out the nuclear rampage below.