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Neverwinter: Undermountain Expansion Announced Official Launch Trailer

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Image by: Perfect World Entertainment

23 April 2019

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment Inc have released the Official Launch Trailer for their largest expansion to date, Neverwinter: Undermountain. Undermountain is now live for PC and will be available June 11 on Xbox and PS 4. Check out the trailer and read the announcement from Lead Designer Thomas Foss below:

Greetings Adventurers and welcome to the largest expansion to Neverwinter since launch! So much stuff it would fill a Bag of Holding! Before I jump into some of my favorite things, I wanted to say that this has been an enormous undertaking for the Neverwinter team, and an important one. There comes a point in a live game when, in order to be able to expand the game and grow it, changes have to be made. We’ve made a lot of changes in the game, with new class revisions, powers, feats, items and a much needed level cap raise to 80. And that’s just the tip of the adventure!
It stands to reason that our biggest expansion would take place in the largest dungeon in Faerun- the Mad Mage Halaster’s dungeon in Undermountain. We are excited to not only open up this Dungeon up to you in the manner of 5 new zones, and even deeper as adventurers unlock the repeatable expedition quests, which have our popular risk/reward system built in.
One more thing- I want to take this time to give a special thanks to all of our players who joined in on both closed and open betas and provided vast amounts of valuable feedback during our production of Undermountain.
Now grab your gear, summon your mount and companions, and get ready to roll for initiative!
Thomas Foss
Lead Designer

The new expansion brings five new Adventure Zones via the Yawning Portal social hub, a level cap to 80, an Endgame Dungeon, updates to Boons and much more. Below is a list of the new features of Undermountain from the press release:


Undermountain Campaign – The many levels of Undermountain hold secrets, exceptional rewards, wondrous beasts and remarkable experiences. The Mad Mage has called adventurers to the cavernous halls below Waterdeep, but for what purpose? Players must survive five brand new Adventure Zones to find out.

New Expedition Feature – This all-new feature introduced in Undermountain highlights the unknowable nature of the levels beneath Waterdeep. Expeditions will challenge adventurers with scaling, dynamic, repeatable quests in the search for magic relics, lost routes and some of the expansion’s greatest rewards.

Class Revamps – All eight of Neverwinter’s classes will receive varying levels of balance and adjustments in this expansion. Each class has also been renamed to align with Fifth Edition. The goal with these changes is to align classes with their roles and make customization within each path viable, fun and more straightforward.

Rewards Overhaul – The most notorious dungeon in all of Faerûn will reward adventurers with the best loot in all of Neverwinter. With a level cap increase to 80, new sources of powerful loot including tiered artifact sets can be earned throughout Undermountain and from its caverns’ inhabitants.

Endgame Challenge Campaign – Neverwinter’s many older and non-leveling-zone campaigns now offer three weekly bounties earning currency for rewards that are in-line with their endgame characters, regardless of whether the zone these quests were completed in are considered “Endgame”, e.g., Underdark or Sharandar.

Redesigned Companions System – Player Companions now fall into one of five categories. The more companions owned within each category, the stronger active companions will be with power upgrades. Synergy will create the biggest bonuses, however, the goal of these changes is to ensure all players can use whichever companions that they want, without punishment.

Halaster Encounters – The Mad Mage’s influence can be felt throughout Undermountain, with unpredictable appearances presenting opportunities to witness his full control over this domain. After all, it is his home.

Image by: Perfect World Entertainment

Undermountain is a huge expansion to Neverwinter and there is a ton of new info to cover. We will be taking a closer look at some of the new Expeditions, Class Revamps and more in future articles, and remember to always keep your gaming set to MAX!