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Spread the love 'Neon Metropolis' is a study in careful level-of-detail management and manual object culling to create a modern theme built around a completely 3D, darkly futuristic cityscape. It is inspired by the very best of dystopian science fiction, where flying cars and blinding lights are drenched in rain and societal decay. The theme opens at alley-level on an idle flying transport, seconds before it reconfigures then ascends into the sky. A scripted camera sequence follows its ascent before proceeding to the city center. Rain effects and condensation on the virtual lens are used to help set the mood, incorporating filmic bokeh effects and faux shader elements. A 360 degree 3D camera pan encircles the city as spotlights and the penumbra of light-pollution streak into the sky to illuminate countless other hovercraft weaving between the buildings. Subtle time-of-day changes have also been incorporated, to add a unique tone to the scene, while user input adjusts camera pan and zoom. A haunting ambient soundtrack has also been composed to complement the visual style, along with custom keytones and atmospheric environmental audio effects.









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