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Multiplayer Sports-like ‘Skorecery’ Launches Exclusively on PS 4

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 GrappleHook Games

06 April 2019

Multiplayer Sports-like ‘Skorecery’ Launches Exclusively on PS 4

The mystical arcade sports-like video game, Skorecery, launched April 4, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Skorecery puts 2 – 4 sorcerer’s in a close combat arena battle with the main goal of destroying each other’s Runes.

Sorcerers can face-off in four preset modes or modify the rules to alter any match’s physics or abilities. Players select a sorcerer, the arena layout and spells. Catch the mysterious orb and launch it to destroy your opponent’s runes. The player or team with the most runes at the end of the match wins!

Check out the Launch Trailer:

Read the Official Press Release below:

Skorecery Bounces Exclusively onto PlayStation 4 Today

BOSTON, MA – April 4, 2019 –

Skorecery, the mystical arcade sportslike from GrappleHook Games, launches exclusively on PlayStation 4 today.
Combining the game play of classics like Pong and Breakout with the fast-paced chaos of Super Smash Bros.Skorecery pits 2-4 local players against each other in thrilling competition.

Choose from a variety of Modes, Arenas, and sorcerers before facing off in intense skirmishes. Use wits and precise movement to gain control of the Arena’s ball and fire away at your opponent’s runes to secure the victory.

Competitors can choose from half a dozen offensive and defensive Spells that can be used to turn the tides of each match. Equip Speed to gain lightning-fast movement and skore a quick point or harness the power of Ethereal Hand to control a portal that can secure the ball even when it is out of reach. Experiment with different Spells and playstyles to learn new strategies and overcome your competition.

Sorcerers can hop straight into preset Modes or modify rules with Curses to create exciting new ways to compete. Curses can be used to modify gravity, physics of the Arena’s ball, abilities, and more, allowing for the creation of new competitive rule sets or madness-inducing matches for friendly gatherings. With simple-to-learn controls and deep strategies waiting to be discovered, Skorecery provides mystical multiplayer mayhem for both casual and competitive players.

Image by: GrappleHook Games
Skorecery Key Features:
  • Accessible controls that take seconds to learn and endless hours to master
  • Engaging 1v1 battles, free-for-all matches, and team skirmishes for both friendly and competitive gatherings
  • Various Modes, Arenas, and Spells to choose from
  • Experimental Curses that can be used to modify physics and abilities of each match
  • Advanced audio dynamics that adjust to the intensity of each skirmish

Skorecery is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $9.99 USD. For more information check out the official website or Twitter, or follow GrappleHook Games on Twitter and Facebook.

If you haven’t already, you really need to check out Skorecery, and remember to always keep you gaming set to Max!