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In light of the Epic Games’ mobile release of Fortnite, the development team took time to discuss some of the upcoming features and updates heading our way for both iOS and Android, a necessity given the mobile platform’s cross-platform play with consoles. The list of their development process can be read below:

Customizable HUD:

Editable visibility settings for most HUD elements and grid snapping have been added, allowing players to decide which elements are active and disabled within any given moment. Every HUD element has three states: building, editing, and combat.


A quality of life pass is being implemented with many of the HUD elements. Small things that can dramatically impact the usefulness of the UI, like building slots being drag and droppable which could block other inputs or the wood resource button disabling autorun. Building from the quickbar buttons has been brought back, which we previously disabled due to it blocking some of our experienced builders. Some of these features in the v6.10 update were dropped, and Epic Games would like feedback on this decision.

Controller support is also being tested on various setups. More Information can be expected soon.

60 FPS:

60 FPS functionality will be unlocked on a limited set of high end devices in the near future. We’re doing some validation on devices to make sure they can maintain a high level of performance over multiple games without overheating, allowing players to drop into matches with more clarity.

Game Performance/Compatibility:

Performance improvements to Android 7 and some other older operating systems are also being worked on, as well as large scale optimization efforts to reduce the amount of memory Fortnite takes up. This should provide a more consistent frame rate during longer play sessions. For iOS players, changes have been made for how the “shader cache” system operates to reduce size and impact on memory.

Epic Games encourages players to update their drivers regularly, as most of the updates are tied to operating systems.

Installation Size and Update Experience:

With so much being released for Fortnite every week, like cosmetics and new content, downloads are necessary every time there’s an update. Epic Games states they’re working to reduce update sizes and have already made improvements to allow for smaller patch sizes.

As if our phones weren’t on the verge of exploding in our pockets, already, now we’ve got a better reason to keep our Fortnite addictions on our mobile devices. There was recently an update causing matchmaking issues, but it is currently being worked on.

Do these updates make downloading Fortnite for your phone seem more appealing? Some of these improvements might just put you on the same level as your fellow PlayStation players. Let us know in the comments, either way!

[Source: Epic Games]

Mobile Updates for Fortnite Will Balance it With Cross-Platform Play









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