Mist Survival

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Mist Survival is a new up and coming survival/ horror game set in a post apocalyptic world. It bases its game-play on the player’s ability to sneak and scavenge goods for survival. Even though there hasn’t been an official time stamp placed on the game’s story line, it appears to take place around the mark of 2000, to 2010.

Beware the mist

Mist Survival on Steam

Mist Survival is available via Steam as an early access release, and is updated regularly by Capt Lord Rati and their team on steam. They do appear to have a decent update schedule, it can be sporadic at times, however they have an update planned in august that adds in new character game models, and even a look at the “mysterious creature” that the game itself refers to as the survival madness begins.

Still doesn’t feel like home

How Is the Game-play of Mist Survival?

As with most scavenge/horror based survival games, Mist Survival has multiple enemies that can be a real problem for the player if they proceed too recklessly. As well as the infected threat that applies whenever clearing a house, the threat continues as bandits are stationed around the map at various locations. All of which are armed, and have a selection of different weapons at their disposal.

While dealing with bandits the player cannot forget about the infected threat that doesn’t appear to be, but is always a problem for the player. The infected cannot come out during daylight. Rather they take cover in houses and buildings during the daytime, making scavenging that much more dangerous. However, Mist events can happen in what appears to be random intervals throughout the daylight cycle, which draws out the vicious infected during the day.

As well as weapon based and hand to hand based combat. Mist Survival also includes what could be considered the beginnings to a dynamic injury system. As the player is injured, depending on where they are injured on the body, will effect the time it takes to heal. If the injury is on a part of the body that is used and causes bleeding, the injury may partially heal, and then “break open” causing the player to continue bleeding and the player could potentially bleed out.

In Summary…

This article was never written to be a review of the game itself, but more of an informative article. Although, this is currently one of the best early access, non-server based survival games that I have played to date, and has excellent potential to be something beautiful in the future. I would highly recommend everyone to check it out.