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Minecraft Dungeons plays much like a dungeon crawler game. Think of it a lot like Diablo by the looks of how it plays. It is classified as an action role-play/ action adventure game and obviously within the minecraft universe. Mojang and Double Eleven have developed this game in the Unreal engine and seem to have dynamic lights and better graphics yet still feel like minecraft. Minecraft Dungeons is primarily meant to be a singleplayer adventure however will have up to 4 player co-op option to play with friends.

Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Lava Bridge

What is Game-play Like?

Unlike Minecraft there is no crafting or building in this game. You will explore procedural generated world and dungeons and conquer challenges set before you. There are no classes and you and friends can wear any piece of gear you find. Gear and items will determine the advantages you will have against the hordes of mobs that will be coming your way. You will be able to pull up a map overlay while you play to help guide you through pre determined missions. Additionally this overlay will help you find loot and potentially help you with challenges. Keep in mind this is meant to be an adventure so the map will only help you so much.

This project does not seem to have been thrown together. It is a passion project with many details. The animations within the game feel like minecraft yet smoother and more refined. The soundtrack has been well thought out with nice music appropriate to where you are in the world. Additionally it seams you can even have a npc helper that follows you around and help you in intense combat situations. Everything looks as it is suppose to belong but also up to par with modern graphics and refinement.

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Minecraft Dungeons will be released Q2 of 2020 to Mojang’s website. It is not a long wait so getting on the hype train wont mean suffering while waiting for release. Minecraft Dungeons is estimated to be around 20$ for base game and rumors of 30$ for a seasons pass for DLC. However these are just rumors and not confirmed as far as i can tell.

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