MediEvil’s Jason Wilson Confirms Involvement with Remake, Hints at More to Come

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MediEvil voice actor

Via Twitter, MediEvil alum Jason Wilson (tweeting via his Jay Gunn pseudonym) has dropped some knowledge on the incoming remake, including his involvement with the new game, as well as a few cheeky hints to who knows what in the future.

Wilson, who was both the art and design lead on the original MediEvil as well as the first voice actor for Sir Daniel Fortesque, started by confirming that he and Chris Sorrell (creator of the MediEvil concept and director on the first game) have been working with Other Ocean and Sony as consultants on the new remake.

If that’s not cool enough for you, well, there’s more. Wilson continued with confidence for the new project, and a slight hint that there is more in store for the future of MediEvil:

Finally, when asked who is voicing Sir Dan in the remake, Wilson dropped this cheeky line in response:

While that shouldn’t be taken as confirmation Wilson is reprising the role himself (multiple actors have played Sir Dan after all), it is worth noting the last time MediEvil was remade for the PSP, that’s exactly what happened.