Max Level Tech: Logitech X56-Hotas

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Today in Max Level Tech, we’re going to be talking about the logitech/saitek X56-Hotas flight stick. This flight stick is everything that any kind of flight enthusiast could ask for on a budget. In this article we are going to go through the pro’s, con’s, and everything that someone needs to know about this piece of tech.

As one can see by the picture of the Logitech/Saitek X56-Hotas, there are more buttons that most people will know what to do with. Not even getting started on the fact that this flight stick is separable! To give a brief overview of the control capabilities of this flight stick combo, the left piece will be referred to as “the throttle”, and the right as “the stick”.

Control Schemes Galore!

To give an idea of just how many control schemes that the X56-Hotas is capable of, first we must go through the buttons. The throttle in its entirety, has twenty-two press-able buttons and flip switches, ten axes for variable control, two directional pads and three programmable modes.

As for the stick, four axes for variable control, three directional pads, two triggers, and two buttons. So as one can tell, the picture above does not do a justice to the actual capabilities of this device, and we’re just getting started.

What else can it do?

As seen above, the throttle can split apart to assist in multi-engine control of either aircraft and spacecraft. Also, this flight stick is separable in terms of usage, so its user can plug in the stick, and leave the throttle unplugged, and vise versa.

Once it is set up, and all the proper software is downloaded onto the user’s PC, this stick throttle set-up becomes completely programmable to how each control reacts to the user’s input. As well as coming with adjustable springs for the flight stick’s resistance in hand. This thing is also equipped with RGB abilities, with a back glow around all of the toggle switches and lighting on the flight stick as well. All adjustable via download-able software.

Okay, what are it’s downfalls?

As with any piece of gaming equipment, everything has its downfalls. With the Logitech/Saitek X56-Hotas, it has a few issues that seem to be a matter of personal preference. One of its issues is that unlike the Thrustmaster variant of the Hotas design, this set does not have quite the weight in its bases. Therefore if they are not secured, then during heavy or intense play, they may move on the user. Next, the RGB function is stand-alone, which means that if you have Razer’s “Chroma” or Corsair’s “ICUE” this device will most likely not sync with those.

In Summary….

The X56-hotas is in my personal opinion, the best flight stick that a person on a budget can get. Typically they run about $240-$250. This is still pricey, however there are some flight sticks that are generally the same design that cost close to $500. These are flight sticks that Myself and Yotsune use, both of us have no real issues with these devices. They work perfectly with games that we like to play, like War Thunder, Aerofly FS, and Star Citizen. I would personally recommend to anyone that wants a complicated flight set-up, without completely breaking the bank! Feel free to check it out for yourself here. It also has a list of every game that is completely compatible with this flight stick.

Twisted Trisler @ MaxlevelMag