Max Level Mag Media Outbreak

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In the recent days, Max Level Mag has made some major changes and major improvements have been made including a media outbreak! As well as the improvements made, there will also be a major live stream coming up soon featuring a few of the authors from right here at Max Level Mag.

Media Outbreak, What does that mean?

Max Level Mag is no longer operating solely on this website anymore, as we have grown into a full social media platform as well. As some of you know, Max Level Mag has been slowly branching out from just using the website for a while, but nothing has really been said about it all as one big picture until now! In addition to this website, you can also find our work/gameplay/news on twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

If you are curious about following Max Level Mag on any other platforms, you can follow us on Twitter Here, Facebook Here. If you aren’t a regular on site, or would like to keep up on other widely used platforms, thats the easiest way. On Youtube, I am the sponsored Youtuber of Max Level Mag, and you can find current and future article trailers an game reviews here.

Live Stream News:

Tuesday, July 2nd, there will be a live stream starting at 10 a.m. going to 10 p.m. This will be hosted by a few of the authors here at Max Level Mag, Including Myself, Yotsune, and Pandaku. Throughout the day we will be playing all different kinds of games. The games that we have planned are: Stardew Valley, Star Citizen, State of Decay 2, Sea of thieves, and Possibly Farming Simulator 2019. We hope to see you there!