Max Level Mag Blast Zone Experience.

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Blast Zone! Tournament

11 March 2019

Victory Lap Games launched its new title on Steam in February 28th of 2019 with its modern arcade bomber-man game Blast Zone Tournament. We at Max Level Mag and some members of our gaming community, Ethereal Aphelion, got to try out Blast Zone. We formed a party and jumped into the most intense matches we could. If you are familiar with Bomber-man like games you will know at least 50% of the functionality of this game. However Blast Zone has a lot of surprising twists in map design and general game play. This title offers tons of variety of character options, play-fields, and game types!

Currently as of this article, on the steam page Blast Zone offers 283 multiplayer levels, with tweak-able options including handicaps, lives, starting items, bomber stats, overall match settings, and more. Ten solo and team-based multiplayer modes including Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Bomb Blast, Treasure Mode, King Mode, Zombie Mode and more! I highly recommend Zombie mode with 32 players and watch the chickens scatter!
Create individual characters with over 10 billion unlock-able cosmetic and gear item combinations. I have taken a liking to my cheese hat which objectively makes me superior on the battlefield [Max Level Mag Disclaimer: Cosmetics do not give you an actual advantage on the battlefield, but shiny new shoes make you run faster, right?].

Social features from friends lists to partying, news, mail, and more to help foster a healthy community and lay the foundations for E-sports tournaments. Alternatively you can enjoy a story-driven single-player campaign provided with 240 unique challenges.

During the play through and recording session we grouped up and due to a healthy lack of experience and cognitive strategy, murdered each other. Grouping up with friends is a mixed blessing and can be beneficial, or you could go out of your way to sabotage them. If your friends are the ones playing with you in a free for all battle you will have a massive target on your back. Quite often i found Twisted sneaking up on me from the sidelines and placing a bomb next to me in the path of an explosion. Adrenalin rushes are common seeing the near misses of explosions and sprinting desperately to upgrades to have an advantage. Surprisingly this game offers a healthy competitive environment. Even with losing, all members still have fun and are kind to one another. The visuals of Blast Zone are visually pleasing whilst being efficient with any kind of console capable of small or large games. The cosmetics of maps, characters, clothing, and weapons all fit together well. Destroy the maps with bombs and if applicable influence map hazards to your advantage.

We currently have a video in production to further show our experiences and hardships.

Overall i found myself losing track of time playing with Ethereal Aphelion on Blast Zone Tournament. Its competitive and does not require a ton of effort to enjoy the game. Its perfect for getting hyped up while relaxing before an errand or bed. Game matches typically are not long only lasting a few minutes, and finding matches only lasted a minute in wait time at the longest. All game mode were active with people wanting to play the way they want. Blast Zone Tournament is available on Steam and consoles for 20$. If you and your friends are good at working together while having a knife behind your back for good old backstabbing, this game is for you. Enjoy laughter, screaming, and the sweet taste of revenge with your fellow combatants in the arena’s of Blast Zone Tournament.

Max Level Mag will have a sponsored YouTube video on this article and featured video on the home page soon! Check it out when released!