Max Level Airsoft

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Max Level Mag as a community of authors has recently gotten into playing Airsoft as well as playing different Video Games. We will be playing at any and all fields located in the Northern Colorado area. As our community grows, we will be looking into playing in different cities and fields out of state as well.

The latest war that we attended was held at GoAirheads Airsoft Facility in Erie, Colorado. We have also been known to work along side them as we help each other out. Their field is marked as our home field and is where most of our community based events will be. They have also provided great assistance with either new gear, or repairing our old gear that has spent too much time in the field and requires new parts or maintenance.

As well as GoAirheads, we have also been known to work with and play at Fox Airsoft’s facilities as well. They have multiple places where they host different games, at different locations, and have different capabilities for the different game play styles.

As well as these two companies that have been gracious enough to allow us to utilize their facilities, we are also in talks with our surrounding cities to find potential game play fields to host different objective based games. As mentioned before, Myself, and fellow author Yotsune, have been going out and actually playing at these fields and we will be posting up here at Max Level Mag as well as our gaming discord, as to when our future airsoft events will be.

Our Most Recent event at GoAirheads Airsoft facility will be up very soon and can be found Here. If any of our readers out there would like to come out and meet us, play with us, please stay tuned here at Max Level Mag for more info as to where and when we will be playing throughout this next year!