Lord of the Rings Online returns to its 2007 roots with official ‘Legendary Server’

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author image by GamesutraNews | 0 Comments | November 9, 2018
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Lord of the Rings Online has opened up a “Legendary Server” that rolls the modern version of the game back (in some ways) to match the world it offered way back in 2007 when the online game first launched.

Legacy or vanilla servers have recently been a popular request from players of many longrunning MMORPGs like Lord of the Rings Online. Blizzard, for example, recently opened up a demo of the World of Warcraft legacy server it has in the works that gives its players a playable version of vanilla WoW

In the case of Lord of the Rings Online, the Legendary Sever isn’t a true return to LOTRO’s roots. The server keeps the UI and game system changes that have hit the game over its 11-year lifespan, and also features updated versions of some regions rather than the original ones that shipped with the game.

Things like the level cap and world story progression have been rolled back, but that line will be pushed forward to expand the content offered in the Legendary Server every 4 months. More information on exactly what is being offered can be found in an extensive FAQ on the game’s website. 










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