Kingdom Hearts 3 vs. Disney’s Tangled Comparison Is Mind Blowing, Hard To See Difference

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The 10th Rider2h ago

Yeah, these types of comparisons already came up back when they first showed off Toy Story content for the game.

The fact of the matter is that animated movies are typically made with meticulous detail and then rendered using rooms full of computers that are each more powerful than any game console. Cars 2 was rendered using 12,500 CPU cores and even then it likely took a week to render.

In contrast, any game is running on far weaker hardware and the environment has to be rendered natively. Everything is interactive and because of that it’s impossible to have the level of polish and detail that a frame of an animated movie has.

Kingdom Hearts 3 looks good and it’s fun to make comparisons, but the comparison definitely shows how much better CGI movies look and it is going to always be that way simply due to the nature of each medium.