Kenshi 2 What to Know.

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KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

Its no secret or surprise to hear Chris Hunt is making a Kenshi 2. Close to six months ago he announced on his twitter and other social platforms that he was working on the story before the collapse of the world. Kenshi 2 will be taking place before the event of the first game and its really hard to imagine this world. Even as a die hard fan of this game I cant even begin to imagine what the world would be like without chaos everywhere. The only thing I can deduce is that it will be technologically advanced and just as dangerous if not worse that what we know of the world. Not a lot is known about the project however I will be letting you know what we know so far and rumors from the community.

When I imagine the world before the collapse what comes to mind is lush forests and plenty of fertile ground. The ability to cultivate and survive is right there below your feet. However a world without conflict would be boring and I wouldn’t want that. There could be new creatures that would have gone extinct from the collapse, and even semi-intelligent creatures posing dangers. War between the great empires would be raging and even being neutral in these wars will have consequences. Battles could have minor or devastating affects on the surroundings such as destroyed buildings/ crops even animals becoming hostile. I would like to imagine that because of hazards around the world or political problems, that would make it difficult to settle where ever I want.

KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

What We Know For Sure.

We know that Lofi Studio is trying to make the game within the Unreal Engine which is so exciting to hear. This project in the Unreal Engine will not only look good but there will be less work for the developers. In addition the other benefits means that performance will go up seeing potential processing speed ups and more opportunities for new features. Moreover Chris Hunt has confirmed that he is prioritizing keeping Kenshi 2 as mod friendly as possible with or without the Unreal Engine. I personally cant express the gratitude as a consumer of Lofi Studios that they are keeping their game open to customization from the community! One other benefit to the new engine would be a new path-finding system implemented into the game. The first games path-finding was not terrible however it did have a lot of inconvenient hiccups but not game breaking. Additionally seeing clothing physics and potential hair physics have been mentioned in discussions online!

Talks have even mentioned porting the original game to the new engine to take advantage of any benefits that come with it. A poll went up on to help determine what Lofi should focus on between the port over for Kenshi 1 or focus on Kenshi 2. The community has been participating in the poll significantly and it seams that the community is in favor or focusing on the second Kenshi. I think this is a great choice but personally, even if it means waiting a bit longer, I would love to see the first Kenshi evolve to the new engine.

KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

Sorry its so short!

Not a whole lot is out on Kenshi 2 and that’s ok. Lofi Studio is not a huge studio of developers and its realistic to expect a long development time. However Lofi developers are devoted to their project and are very active on social media and discord. You can see glimpses into the new project and features by following them and steam discussions on the subject. I will have as much relevant links to all information and pages for you below. Thank you to everyone following our passion project with this website and having patience with us! We will continue to follow Kenshi 2 and give updates as time goes by!


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