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Kara Edwards is an amazing voice actress that I was able to meet at the Dragon Boat Festival in Denver, CO. I was able to talk with Kara and also go to the Q and A, and it was the best time. The whole festival was amazing, from seeing the boat to all the Asian culture, but to see a voice actress I listened to back when I was a kid on radio Disney, absolutely made my day.

Kara Edwards grew up in Dallas, TX. She got her start when she was teaching Inline Skate class. One day someone had asked her if she was interested in being on the radio. With her degree in broadcasting, it was a stepping stone into the world of voice acting. The building next door to her class was the Disney Radio Station and they asked if she would like a job as a DJ. She took it and became one of the two DJ’s of Squeege and Kara Show. Squeege being Kyle Hebert, who voiced Kiba Inuzuka in Naruto Shippuden.

Eventually she moved to Charlotte, North Caroline for a few years to do more radio with another company until one day, she decided she was no longer happy with radio. Kara decided to move back to Texas where Funimation was located to work with them on more animes. There are many animes that she has been involved with, from Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Acidamea, and Fruit Basket.

There were many questions asked of her, but I will list my favorite answers.

She loved playing Videl from Dragon Ball Z. It was the first character she voiced and she also grew up with her. At the time she was only two years older than Videl when she was voice acting her. Kara was pregnant with her little boy when Videl was also pregnant with her boy. The story Kara told us about Videl was when she went in to try out for the character, Kara saw Videl, she was wearing pigtails and had blue eyes and she took one look at Videl and knew she was going to get the part because they both looked so similar. Kara also loved Kana from Fruit Basket as well. She was able to be very emotional during her reading and felt she could be a part of her.

She is also the leading voice of Highlights magazine, which helps others from different nations learn English, and they also use her for their commercials as well. Kara also lends her voice for many Ads as well, from Uber, Goodwill, and Toys-R-Us. She did say that money wise, commercials are the best for voice actors and will keep doing them.

Did I mention Video Games? I almost forgot! I mean this is a video game website after all. Kara has voiced Videl from Dragon Ball Z as well, as Athena and Aphrodites from Smite. Kara had said that she was told to do a Greek/Moracan accent for the part, but she feels she is not good with accents. From there, Athena was more of a semi Russian accent and many of the other characters made fun of her for having that accent, and it became a joke now. Kara also mentioned that she will be the main character of a new game coming soon, that i plan on playing as soon as i find out the game. She could not tell us what game it was yet!

There is a lot left for her in the future from new commercials, video games, to animes. I can’t wait to see what other voices she has in store for us, but for now at least I can put a face to the characters she has voiced, and me that is the best. I hope I get a chance to meet other voice actors and get some more stories that I can share with the world.

PandaKu @ MaxLevelMag