It’s Here! Minecraft Dungeons. (Review)

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Its finally here after all these months since i made the original article! I have been streaming Minecraft Dungeons all morning to celebrate its release. The fantastic thing about this game is there is little learning curve even for those not experienced with Diablo. Its simplistic yet gives a satisfying accomplishment to getting stronger and higher level. The Armor and weapons look and feel great yet not hard to let go for better equipment. You don’t need to be a hoarder. Among all else the game runs well and the graphics look great! Lets get into all the details of what this game does right and why it is so good! See where to buy and other information at the end of this article.

The Visuals!

While staying true to the original feel of the minecraft textures Minecraft Dungeons manages to have a unique twist. Personally i don’t know if it the lighting effects or extra care and love to the texture mapping but it looks great! From the lights from the hearth to the glowing ore of the caves the aesthetics of this game are top notch! One gripe I tend to have with games and this advanced of lighting is not being able to see without a solid light source. Minecraft Dungeons does not have this problem. I find myself being able to see even in the dark without feeling the volumetric shading being affected.

With this new world of visuals comes their own story to match the world. The setting of this game will show the rise of the Illegers rising to power through fate. You and your friends the heroes of this game will need to stand and fight the hoards threatening the Villagers. This game offers standard mobs along with the new mob variants and specialized bosses. You will experience this all in a Diablo like fashion strategy game.

General Gameplay

If you have ever played games like Dark Souls or Diablo then you will feel right at home. With these mechanics you will traverse the world within the game composed of mission hotspots to tackle objectives. Select one hotspot you are interested in and select your difficulty. The map you go into never feels exactly the same, at least as far as i noticed. It appears that there is some level of procedural generation in the layouts of whatever dungeon you go to. Along with the layout the mobs can be different in areas and surprise you with a boss or uncommon powerful enemy. If you are like me and like to play on the hardest difficulty possible then this can mean wiping easily depending on your luck.

As you progress through many challenges you will find yourself getting new gear of varying stats. This runs of the standard RPG fundamentals of tiered colored gear. Unlike its predecessor Minecraft the inventory is animated and looks to be what us as gamers have come to expect. It informative and helps to formulate a strategy for your next dungeon. There are no Class systems in Minecraft Dungeons. Everything is determined of your equipment and artifacts. Artifacts determine what your three “Abilities” that you can use are. You can fully customize how your character affects your party or whatever situation is by these artifacts.

This game is fully co-op up to four party members in a party. Additionally there is a two player local play as long as you have the remotes. Local play may allow more on console but as for PC it APPEARS to allow multiple people on one console. As far as for most PC users they will just play in the four player co-op via the internet. Multiplayer does well with keeping the game balanced. When a player dies a living player will have 30 seconds to relieve them. Its not as easy as you think I swear! When a player is down the will generate a darkness that can spawn mobs and more frequently when the timer starts to run out. However i believe this to depend more on the difficulty you play any particular mission on.

In Conclusion.

For console users you can find this game on whatever associated digital store your system uses. As for PC you get get Minecraft Dungeons through the Xbox beta live pass or at Mojang for 20$ USD. You can find it here at:

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