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Last year, it was revealed that Wellsville Productions, Double Fine, Amazon Studios, and Castlevania house Federator Studios are all working to bring Costume Quest to life with an Amazon Prime animated cartoon series. Now, the main title sequence has been released, giving us a big taste of what to expect from the tone, style and setting of the Costume Quest series.

Check it out for yourselves:


Costume Quest is a RPG series from Double Fine that is about kids with the ability to use their Halloween costumes to transform into super-powered versions of what their costumes represent. In turn, they use those powers to fight against an invading army of creatures trying to take over the neighborhood.

This series appears to be based more on the property than the games themselves, showing an original villain character and a cast that also appears to be a set of heroes created for the series.

The original Costume Quest debuted nearly ten years ago, in 2010, and was a lowkey hit, bringing fans in with its active combat system, reminiscent of Super Mario RPG. A sequel appeared a few years later in 2014, and the series has been relatively quiet sense, although reappearing in the form of merchandise and efforts like the new show, which will be premiering in 2019.









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