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My Hero One’s Justice, Bandai Namco and Byking’s 3D arena fighter based on the hit anime and manga My Hero Academia, has been out for just over a week now. But it’s not over yet. Bandai Namco has revealed a new DLC roster addition: Inasa Yoarashi. He’ll be added to the game, along with a new mission pack, on November 14, 2018.

Inasa Yoarashi, also known as Gale Force, was introduced during the “Provisional Hero License Exam Arc” in My Hero Academia, which takes place during season three of the anime. He was one of the top recommended students for the series’ infamous U.A. High School, but withdrew his application due to a grudge against another character.

Here’s the official character bio from Bandai Namco:

Inasa declined the offer to join U.A. High School, despite appearing at the top of the school’s wish list ahead of Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki—instead attending Shiketsu High School, where he is revered as one of the most respected students of his generation.

His whirlwind quirk allows him to manipulate the wind to control the distance between himself and his opponent. Using this power, he has total control of the field—making him an expert at long-ranged attacks.









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