I can’t stop laughing at Hitman 2’s homing briefcase

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The clip above—posted by venemousbeetle on Reddit—is my favorite thing to come out of Hitman 2 so far. Granted, I haven’t played it myself yet, but what could beat a homing briefcase? I’m installing it right now just to see this relentless paperwork holder in action.  

The pacing of this next clip, posted by Altair7z, somehow makes it even better:

I’d find out why this is happening—a bug?—but I’d rather leave it a mystery and just assume that pitching feisty curve balls with briefcases is consistent with the logic of Hitman’s universe. What a wonderful game. (Phil thinks so, too, and not just because there’s a homing briefcase. Check out his Hitman 2 review here.)