Hytale Adventure and Creativity

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Hytale is a new title by Hypixel studios developed potentially to be one of the biggest new games since minecraft itself. Minecraft being undoubtedly one of the most successful games out there being ridiculously popular and enjoyable for all ages. However Hytale has created an uproar in the minecraft community and general adventure gaming fans across the internet. I wont waste time going over the background of the studio or minecraft but get right into explaining this game.

So what is Hytale exactly?

This game is and adventure rpg sandbox game. It focuses on players looking for content in adventure, story, and secrets. Additionally it caters to the creators both in game and out of game for building, modding, and scripting. The world has zones with their own set of biomes and presets that influence how the biomes are shaped. I was not able to determine how large the zones are or if the world is infinitely generating, but the world looks beautiful with mysteries at every turn. Overall the game feels like minecraft with more detail but with its own twist to make it still feel unique. There will be prefabbed structures and dungeons scattered through the world with both passive and hostile objectives.

Seek Adventure!

Venture out into the world through the many landscapes with handcrafted quests and stories. Unravel the story of your world by clearing monsters from a mage tower or underground caverns with many secrets. Take up the challenge of overcoming large boss creatures by yourself or with friends! Hytale will leave you with a unique story for you to uncover with the statement that no 2 adventures will be the same. Chose who you want to be from a settler, craftsmen, or full adventurer with hand tailored experiences for all play types. Master the world around you and become a legend of your own adventure by whatever role you chose to enjoy!


This is where a lot of comparison to minecraft comes into the details of this game. Building offers 4 different textures for each material considered for building. Objects such as slabs, stairs, fencing, pillars, and walls will be able to be made from building materials. Based on the videos released it appears that farming hunting and cooking will be prevalent within the game. Meaning (not confirmed) there will be survival mechanics such as eating. The best experience will be with friends who will cover all aspects to help you master this world! However much like minecraft im sure its possible to survive on your own.

Things to know!

Hytale is still heavy in development with promises of Beta access coming soon. No official release date has been announced for this game as of yet however the admins and community around this game post a lot. Watch the trailer below and check out the links provided below to find more detail on this game.

Hytale Website: https://hytale.com/