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fate extella link release date

This has been building for quite a while, but it’s here nonetheless. The third chapter of a story that kicked off back in the PSP days, Fate/Extella Link, finally has a North American release date. You’ll be able to hop in and try out all the new servants in action when the game launches on March 19, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, the PS Vita, the Nintendo Switch, and the PC. In Europe, Marvelous is still operating with a Q1 2019 release date for now.

There will be multiple release editions of Fate/Extella Link, with “standard” physical and digital editions, as well as a Fleeting Glory edition and a Digital Deluxe edition. Xseed Games has released a spreadsheet detailing what comes with each version, with some of the bonuses also being platform-adjacent. Check it out:

fate extella link release date spreadsheet

As you can see, the PlayStation 4 version comes with a theme if you preorder digitally, and each platform save for the PS Vita version also gets some extra costume DLC for a digital preorder. The Fleeting Glory and Digital Deluxe editions come with DLC costumes of their own, which according to the chart won’t be for sale outside of those special editions. Finally, a third DLC column will be free for the first week, but go to being a $2.99 purchase after that. However, that DLC will be included with the Nintendo Switch versions.

Paired with the new release date announcement is a new release date trailer for Fate/Extella Link, which shows off some of the new playable characters in action. Check it out:


[Source: Xseed Games]


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