Here’s What Hitman 2 Will Look Like on Day One

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hitman 2 day one

IO Interactive, via the official Hitman Twitter account, is gearing up for the November 13, 2018 release of Hitman 2. Part of that is making sure the Hitman fanbase knows what’s in store this time around, compared to the episodic experimentation the developer did with the previous title. To get that messaging home, IO Interactive has released an infographic that breaks down everything that will be available on Hitman 2 day one.

You can check out the tweet and image below, then we’ll break it down for you:

On day one, Hitman 2 players will have access to the following “feature list” of sorts:

  • 100+ disguises
  • 12+ suits
  • 180+ objects & tools
  • 60+ firearms
  • 689k+ words of dialogue
  • 400+ challenges
  • 100+ hours of gameplay
  • 70+ mission start and exit points

There will also be 6 sandbox locations at launch, including Hawke’s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, and Isle of Sgàil. Both the Sniper Assassin mode (which is already playable for those who have preorders) and Ghost mode will be available.

Current Hitman season one owners will also be able to play the Hitman Legacy Pack, which will net them all of the season one locations, but “remastered” with Hitman 2 gameplay.

Finally, the infographic includes a heads-up for the post-launch content. This includes Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, Featured Contracts, holiday content, updates for the aforementioned modes, challenge packs, and more. The first Elusive Target, which of course features actor Sean Bean as The Undying, will launch on November 20, 2018.