Has the PUBG PS4 Release Date Been Uncovered?

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pubg ps4 release date

The rumors have been ever-persistent, but we may finally know when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will come to the PlayStation 4. An Amazon listing for PUBG has been uncovered, which includes a release date of December 8, 2018. While it’s far from a solid confirmation, there are a few factors that could give it some credibility.

For starters, it lines up with recent reports coming out regarding PUBG on the PlayStation 4. A PUBG icon had appeared on PlayStation servers, leading to speculation a PS4 release would be imminent. In addition, the Korean Games Board recently rated PUBG for the PS4, fueling the fire. It should be noted that December 8th is only two days after The Game Awards 2018. Could it be announced there?

While its release hasn’t been outright confirmed, PUBG coming to the PlayStation 4 should hardly be surprising. Bluehole, the owner of PUBG developer PUBG Corporation, previously stated it was in talks with Sony over a year ago.

What will be interesting, however, is to see how PUBG ultimately fares on the PS4. PUBG has undoubtedly been a success on the Xbox One and PC, but the battle royale genre is crowded. Fortnite draws a staggering number of players and is making Epic Games a lot of money. And of course, both Call of Duty and Battlefield are now part of the battle royale world. All of this is speculation, however, until a formal announcement is made.

Will you try out PUBG on the PS4? Or are the other battle royale games more than enough? Let us know!

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Has the PUBG PS4 Release Date Been Uncovered?