Halo: Master Chief Collection Coming To PC Announcement

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For the first time since 2007 it has been announced that the Master Chief is officially coming to PC. Halo fans rejoice as all halo games with the exception of halo 5 are now going to be making an appearance in the PC universe.

For those of you out there who have never heard of Halo, in any capacity, allow me to fill you in. Set in the time zone of the 2500’s, mankind has taken to the stars. Humans at this time were divided however, between a primary human faction known as the U.N.S.C. (United Nations Space Command) and Human Rebels that hated the idea of a unified human government.

Here you see the Master Chief in transit with Blue Team, not only his allies, but his closest friends as well.

As usual, while mankind was busy expanding, and fighting amongst themselves, they stumbled upon a magnificent unification of alien races known as The Covenant. As humanity met what would soon be its biggest threat in the year 2524, it had severely underestimated its new found enemy.

One savior that mankind had done for itself that may or may not have proven itself worthy, was the “Orion” project. Which was the idea of genetically augmented human super soldiers, which were similar to spartans. Although against the rebels, Spartans were largely successful, against The Covenant, humanity’s days were still numbered as the Spartans were not equipped to handle plasma weapons.

Although the outlook still wasn’t sunshine for mankind, they introduced the next generation of Spartans, known as Spartan II’s these were genetically augmented soldiers, built to be stronger than 3x the normal man. As well as stronger augmenting, they were outfitted with Mjolnir dense plated power armor, complete with shield generators. With this armor, Spartans could take the plasma fire from The Covenant, and lift up to 5x the standard human. Due to the heavy weight of the armor, the only people who could stand up to the force and strain put on the human body by the suits, are the chemically, genetically augmented bodies of the Spartan II’s, anyone else would break their bodies attempting to move the armor.

Enter the Year 2525, the year of the start of Halo: Reach. This is the part where the game takes it from here. At this moment it has been confirmed that The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC, via both the Microsoft Store and Steam, however the release date has yet to be announced. It is also confirmed that Halo: Reach, will be included into the Master Chief Collection as well. I personally would heavily recommend that if you have never played Halo before, and the lore prelude has peaked your interest in any way, that you pick this up and set up a binge play session, as once you pick the controller up, it will be difficult to put it down.

There will be more updates here at Max Level Mag as we learn more about this and there will be videos coming out via my channel on Youtube as well once this releases. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you out there!