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Gears of War 4 – THE ULTIMATE OSOK EVENT – Headshots Only Enabled Tuesday March 5th

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Image owned by – Microsoft – Gears of War

4 March 2019

The Ultimate OSOK Event for Gears of War 4 started this last weekend and runs until Friday 8th March! It has been a long, long wait, but Headshots Only OSOK has finally come to Gears of War for the first time ever. The Headshots Only will have a short trial run beginning this Tuesday, March 5th until the event ends Friday the 8th.

Hardcore OSOK fans have always wanted to see this in Gears, but they want to emphasizing, this is a trial run. The biggest downside they see to this, “is that this creates one of the highest barriers to entry skill requirements of any playlist. That can be a great thing – but it may not be a great thing for the silent majority of players playing OSOK today who we don’t hear from in the community.” Gears has never had a headshot only limited play before.

The details for the headshot only:

Start: Longshots Only
Starting Ammo: Maximum
Headshots: One Shot, One Kill
Body Shot Damage: Reduced by 99.84%
Melee Disabled
No Downs means no Meatshields!

There is no way to disable CCC moves -Mantle Kick, Vault, or Yank – to the changes, and with the Dev’s focused on Gears 5, they will not be able to add a playlist-specific disabling feature.

The Classic OSOK will be updated to Headshots Only OSOK Tuesday, March 5th and end Monday, March 11th. OSOK Versus Challenges will still end Friday, March 8th

Over the weekend Dev’s noticed that some of the weapons were not cutting it for OSOK, ” we found some of the weapons were not living up to the OSOK promise for as many waves as we’d like on Insane difficulty.” Starting Monday the dev’s will add a few buffs for a few weapons:

Longshot: Significantly increased headshot damage
Torque Bow: Significantly increased headshot damage
Boltok: Slightly increased headshot damage

On Tuesday, March 5th, Gears of War 4 will be deploying a small content-only game update containing Season 6 Diamond Master Emblem. They will also be revealing the Challenge Character for the season.

There is only just over a week left to complete OSOK challenges to get the rewards. To claim rewards for your completed Challenges –>