Gamers need Wifi 6!

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If you are a gamer you should be well versed in the modern problem of wifi sucks! Most hardcore PC and console gamers opt to hard lining with Ethernet to get the best possible performance out of their internet capabilities. This seams to have been the case for a long time especially for gamers living in areas that cant take advantage of fiber or even decent internet from their ISPs. Hardware from these kinds of ISPs usually follow suite and are poor quality wifi connections for any device. Well Wifi 6 could change this problem and bring us into the next generation of wifi. Wifi 6 was built in response to the growing demands of devices being found within the standard household of developed countries.

What exactly makes it better? (Technical)

Wifi 6 or 802.11ax uses new features such as 1024-QAM with the capability to carry a symbol at 10bits rather than previous 802.11ac versions at an 8bit rate. This improves raw speeds by 25% with an overall 1.25x speed per symbol. Watch streaming services such as netflix or twitch with next to 0 buffering times and game at peak performances! Additionally to 1024-QAM wifi 6 uses an 8×8 uplink/ downlink channel system.

What is a channel you may ask? Well its how data transfers between your computer to the server online you are communicating with. With previous wifi it was 4×4 meaning you had 4 channels for data to come in from the internet and 4 channels sending data to the internet from your computer. These channels operated on 80MHz which had little “traffic management” which caused low priority data packets to slow significantly or stop all together.

With wifi 6 we have double the channels at 8×8 operating at 160Mhz and enhanced data traffic management meaning that your router/ modem will interweave high and low priority data packets at a rate where neither get slowed or hindered by each other. To paint a picture imagine downloading World of Warcraft a massive online game while watching youtube or surfing facebook at the same time and seeing no performance difference between surfing and downloading.

What makes it better so everyone understands!?

1024-QAM allows speeds up to 9.6 Gbps (Gigabits per second) speeds that could handle streaming even at 8K resolutions. OFDMs are a smbol that transmits data and divides data among sub carriers with wide coverage and mor stability. Wifi 6 has longer and more frequent OFDM which increases speeds that data transfers by 11% or even more!

Most of all why this new wifi is modernizing the internet is the 8×8 channels which will allow double or more the amount of devices connected to the same network. I think we all can relate the frustration of someone taking data between sever devices and not even using them most of the time! This with Wifi six will alleviate this problem and will become a problem of the past!

And lets not forget latency, with OFDMA (remember the symbols!) the data transmitted will be able to be spread between workloads of devices depending on priority. With all the channels and enhanced traffic management all devices will be able to send and receive data at the same time without fighting over priority.

Best Recourse i could find!

I am a huge fan of Linus Tech tips and being that they are the ones that introduced me to Wifi 6 i think its only appropriate to show their video on the subject. Personally they probably communicate the subject better than I. However as of this video i don’t believe wifi 6 was available for personal use. Now wifi 6 products are available but you will need to still talk to you Internet Service Provider to see if they support wifi 6 or if your home is eligible for it.

look at his face! See how excited he is??? Can you really say no to watching?!?


Links to wifi 6 routers!

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