Free Twinmotion update available—SketchUp direct link and more

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Free Twinmotion update available—SketchUp direct link and more


Twinmotion is a high-quality, easy-to-use real-time visualization solution for architecture, interior design, urban planning, and landscaping. Back in May, we announced that Twinmotion is now part of the Epic Games family, and made it free to download until November 2019. Since our announcement, over 160,000 people have signed up to use the software.

Today, we’re pleased to announce a new update for Twinmotion. With this release, you can get from SketchUp Pro to VR in just two clicks! Plus, there’s a great new pack of high-quality grasses for more convincing lawns and landscapes.





Key new features


SketchUp direct link


Working with SketchUp data just got much faster and easier, with new one-click direct link synchronization with SketchUp Pro—in addition to existing direct links with ARCHICAD and Revit—and automatic material replacement and geometry optimization. 



Import time using the direct link is also faster than importing a SKP file, and you can wave goodbye to rendering problems with flipped faces. In addition, the import process now deals correctly with geometry that has different materials on each side.

New high-quality grass pack


Create luscious lawns and lifelike landscapes with a brand-new pack of grasses. The seven existing flowers have been improved, and we’ve added a further 25 new grasses, so you’ll never be short of variety.





Improved stability and performance


We’re now using the static mesh rendering pipeline to increase stability and rendering speed for imported data. We’ve also improved stability and fixed some minor issues in other areas. See the release notes (login required) for full details.

If you haven’t already started using Twinmotion, there’s never been a better time to do so. Get your copy today, while it’s still free—you’ll be able to keep using your free copy indefinitely. If you’re already a Twinmotion user, you can install the update over the top of your existing executable. Either way, we hope you enjoy the latest Twinmotion!