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author image by GameInformer | 0 Comments | February 21, 2019
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Publisher: Bluehole
Developer: PlayerUnknown
Rating: Teen
Platform: Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android

Crossovers can be really fun and it’s always cool to see two incredibly disparate things come together to watch their interactions. Then sometimes crossovers happen that could be amazing in a milkshake-and-fries sort of way but leave you scratching your head the entire time. It’s hard to say if the upcoming crossover of MMORPG Tera and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be surprisingly amazing, but it is certainly head-scratching.

Check out a trailer of the crossover below.

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The crossover brings PUBG cosmetics to Tera, rather than bringing Tera’s fantasy world to PUBG, which is honestly a way more fascinating an interesting dynamic I hope they take. 

The event will be running from March 5 through April 5, so you can hop into Tera and use that game’s in-game PUBG shop so they can pick up the various cosmetics. I would also like the PUBG-Man suit and helmet in Mario Odyssey, please.









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