Farming Simulator 2019

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It is finally time that I wrote an article on not only the series that got my Youtube Channel started, but the latest game in its series. Farming Simulator 2019 is the latest and greatest from developer Giants Software. Farming Simulator as a whole is not a series for those who play only action or story driven games, as its name is the game precisely.

Farming Simulator 19 as a stock game features a complete sandbox environment, as the players only objective is to grow their farming empire. This can be performed through various acts such as; general grain agriculture as pictured above, animal husbandry, and growth with helping other farms complete various tasks around their farms.

A few of the new features that Farming Simulator 2019 has over its predecessors are as follows; Entirely buildable/customizable farms via placeable working structures, “Tip Anywhere” which allows for dumping on the ground anywhere that is owned by the farmer, ownable/buyable plots, player buys land instead of just a single field. As well as different game-play mechanics, Giants Software also added got licensing for John Deere equipment as well as Wilson and Lode King. This adds in an entire new array of American based field equipment as well as new grain/commodity and livestock trailers.

As well as the new options for your farm, your vehicles, Farming Simulator 19 also features brand new animals to use for the players agricultural growth. The new animals are a new range of cows to utilize for dairy purposes as well as horses. Horses can be ridden around the different maps to different scenic locations. In fact, riding them is a requirement for people who wish to actually make money off of them. So in an indirect and lowly detailed way, horse training can be added to the methods of game-play.

As with every Farming Simulator in the past, Farming Simulator 2019 is heavily driven by modifications and DLC’s that are posted and published by not only Giants themselves, but other authors all around the globe. If there is something that was missed by Giants that is regularly used in the agricultural world, you better believe its out there somewhere as a mod. As well as having the mods, Farming Simulator is actually one of the easiest games that I personally have come across. It is generally an easy one step concept of taking the zip file, and placing it in the mods folder. Thats it!

I will be revisiting Farming Simulator 2019 on my channel soon and when it is available, a new article will be posted here on Max Level Mag. As well as the new article, the video will be posted here. If you go there and you like what you see then please Subscribe.