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Farming Simulator 2019: Cotton DLC

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As of the morning of July 23rd 2019 Giants Software has released it’s latest DLC. Only this time, it’s all about the cotton!

As most of the die-hard Farming Simulator 2019 players are aware, in the beginning of the development stages of the game, Giants Software went above and beyond to secure new licenses for real brands to be able to have in game. One of those is John Deere.

About the New DLC…

Upon the release of this DLC, players have been able to use yet another iconic piece of American agriculture equipment on their virtual farm. This DLC features the John Deere CP 690 cotton harvester, as well as an array of cotton bale handling equipment from brands like McCormack Industries and Giants Software’s in-house brand “lizard” to go along with it. With that they are adding in a new cotton bale type, the cotton round bale!

Images courtesy of the Farming Simulator website.

What Are All the New Implements?

To go into detail regarding new equipment, allow me to start with the McCormack individual bale handlers. In this pack, there are three types of implements for individual bale handling, one is a bale fork, used for picking up cotton bales from the unwrapped side profiles. The next is an undercarriage style, picking up from the same side as the bale fork, while lifting the bale from underneath, reducing damage to the inside of the bale. The third is an over the top carrier, which grabs from the wrapped round part of the bale, which allows for a different loading style on other vehicles.

As well as individual bale handlers, they are also adding in bale trailers. In total they are adding in three cotton bale trailers, one from McCormack Industies and two from lizard. The McCormack trailer is designed to pick up bales from the wrapped round side and hoist them onto the trailer so they are “sideways”, meaning it has to use rollers and some tipping to offload. The other two are clones of the in-game trailers, but scripted to take round bales.

Image courtesy of Farming Simulator 2019 Fact Sheets

In Summary…

This DLC adds a few new items to the player’s arsenal of agricultural heavy lifting. It does appear to be a good deal as all the items that were listed above are only five dollars on the Farming Simulator website. Also If you click Here, you can swing over to the official website where you can check it out for yourself and maybe even purchase it!


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