Fallout 76 is already getting review bombed on Metacritic

author image by N4G News | 0 Comments | November 14, 2018
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-Foxtrot2h ago

Well, well, well…people are being honest and not letting the Bethesda/Fallout brand cloud their judgment. Good for them but I have a feeling reviewers won’t follow through.

See this is what you get Bethesda when you try and make a quick cash in…I mean hell make an online Fallout game sure like you did with the Elder Scrolls Online but why get so involved with the development, helping the other studio out which takes time, resources and money away from Elder Scrolls VI or Starfield. I never saw Todd that much on stage when they announced Elder Scrolls Online.

Sad thing is Fallout 76 has a good setting, the first vault dwellers setting foot back on the land after the bombs fell discovering the new world for the first time, that would have made a fantastic spin off game like a spiritual successor to New Vegas (by that I mean spin off wise, not a direct sequel). Yet they wasted it on this and I hope to God they just pretend this game dosen’t exist in canon when they realise it’s not as well liked.

Still think they should have used the spin off games like New Vegas to venture into new territory story wise, whether it’s something like Fallout 76 in terms of being the earliest prequel or maybe use a spin off game to go outside the US, maybe the UK in London.