Fallout 76 | Fortress of Solitude Review

author image by N4G News | 0 Comments | November 18, 2018
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-T9X-69-58m ago


The game certainly has some bugs and needs some more optimization, but shallow and lacks content? That’s just a lie. If the type of content you want is story telling through NPCs and dialog options, then yeah it’s lacking content catered to YOU. The game on the other hand is flooded with content, unlike Sea of Thieves for example that launched with 3 fetch quest types and 2 enemies. That’s lacking content. There’s hundreds of hours of content through exploring the entire map with tons and tons of quest that are actually a lot more varied than what you’d get from previous Fallout games. You can hate the game all you what, but don’t make up lies because they don’t fit your personal preferences.