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Motion Twin has released a 12 minute video that dives into the company’s history as a free-to-play studio. The video also covers the development of Dead Cells, including the original iteration as a “really boring” multiplayer game.

Additionally fans will get their first look at the upcoming DLC, set to come out later this spring. More information to come next month at PAX East.

Check out the video here.


Read the press release below.

Motion Twin and Red Bull today released a new tell-all, no-holds-barred video showcasing an honest and raw look at the cooperative studio, including revealing the first look at coming DLC set for later this spring.

The 18-year-old studio had been previously known for casual games in a free to play market, but facing potential creative boredom and a waning market, the collective embarked on development of a hardcore game, a complete pivot away from the studio’s history. For the first time on camera, they candidly discuss the decision process and the internal pressure involved in the development of Dead Cells.

Within the 12 minute video, fans can get a look at the first iteration of Dead Cells, which started as a “really boring” multiplayer strategy game. Forging ahead with a shift away from the initial strategy design idea, the company was left with 12 months of runway before they ran out of money.

Dead Cells was released on Steam Early Access in 2017 and quickly found an audience due to its unique take on the roguelike genre and polished design. The title has since its launch earned dozens of accolades around the world from international critics and has been a stunning commercial success for Motion Twin.

Fans will be able to get the first playable hands on the game’s forthcoming DLC at PAX East next month.

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