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Create with Code is Unity Education’s new, free program for teaching and learning computer science and Unity development. Channel students’ enthusiasm for playing games into a passion for making games. By using code to create their own games, students engage with computer science in new and meaningful ways. Bring this course into your classroom, teach valuable coding skills, and enable students to become the creators of tomorrow.

Throughout the world, students want to learn how to code. It impacts their daily lives – whether they’re browsing the internet on a computer, messaging friends on a smartphone, or playing games on a console. The majority of parents want their children to study computer science. However, in the US, just over a third of high schools actually teach computer science*. The demand for tech skills is only expected to increase in the future, with 1.1 million projected jobs around the world going unfilled due to a tech skills shortage (Korn Ferry, Future of Work report).



* Source:, Computer Science Education Stats

Students who learn how to code will have an advantage in the job market of the future. In fact, half of all new jobs in STEM focus on computing. “Unity Developer” was named #7 on LinkedIn’s list of top emerging jobs, and the job outlook for Unity developers is slated to grow 39% over the next two years. Yet, just a small percentage of students are exposed to and taught important coding skills. 





To prepare students for the future, they need to learn to code. To support students and educators in this effort and to give more students the opportunity to learn Unity development, Unity Education has launched Create with Code — our entirely free, comprehensive course for learning to code for Unity development. Create with Code includes an extensive curriculum to help educators teach the course in their classrooms, including lesson plans, preparation modules, assessments, rubrics, and all project materials.





For Students

Create with Code is designed with the secondary-level learner and educator in mind. Over a series of projects, students master the fundamentals of computer science and programming in C#. As they iterate on five different game prototypes, students apply computer science fundamentals that they learn in the course — variables and methods, loops and logic statements, and more. By making fun mini-games, students stay engaged and can share their creations with friends and family. Students leverage their own creativity, as the course culminates with building their personal games. 

Composed of videos and step-by-step instructions available online, Create with Code enables students to learn at their own pace, in class or at home, anytime and anywhere, for free.





When students program in Unity, computer science becomes a creative tool. They gain confidence and passion by becoming creators — not just consumers — of interactive media. Better yet, when students code in Unity, they learn important transferable skills: project management, design thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.

By the end of Create with Code, students have enough knowledge in computer science, programming and Unity to pass the Unity Certified User: Programmer exam, our official way of recognizing students for meeting the standards required to be a Unity Developer.





For Educators

Most importantly, Create with Code is designed to work in the classroom. Aligned to ISTE Standards for computer science education, educators can leverage the free course curriculum to support instruction inside and outside of class. Flexible teaching materials are provided in addition to the learner-facing instructional videos, including:





Students have the passion to create. They just need the skills and confidence to do so. When learning to code is made to be fun and creative, student learning and engagement comes naturally. Through Create with Code, students gain coding and Unity skills that they can take with them to jobs and industries that they will one day innovate. 

Learn by making. Teach coding for creativity.  

Access Create with Code on our new Unity Learn Platform for Educators along with other resources for Educators.