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We’re back with another Community Component! Today we’re celebrating your game dev journeys, highlighting makers of cool pixel art, intricate audio design, and custom tools that help your fellow creators. Let’s jump right in!

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The classics of the pixel art games genre, such as Pac-Man and Space invaders, were born long before Unity’s existence, but they continue to inspire us all. This unique art style is responsible for some of the most incredible games. Let’s check out some of the latest and coolest of those games that are made with Unity.


Zealot by Primecut games is hugely inspired by games from the PSX era. We’ve been following their team’s devlogs and love the fact that all game characters are hand-drawn, then animated 3 to 5 times. The team shared that Zealot currently has nearly 300 unique frames of animation. We can’t wait to see the final project!

Savor Saber

A game about food and gods? Sounds like an unlikely combination, but the team behind Savor Saber made it work. If you’re intrigued you can grab a copy of the game and give it a play yourself. The classic pixel-art of the game is easy on the eye and the mythical creatures will make you miss your Tamagotchi. Who here owned a Tamagotchi?

The power of sound

Have you ever played a video game and noticed that your experience and perception of the gameplay is quite different when the sound is on vs when it’s off? Soundtracks and audio effects help players to form an undeniably powerful connection to games. If you are looking to learn more about audio design keep on reading.

Music synchronization

Bjorn Jacobsen from Cujo Sound shared a deep dive on sound synchronization in 140. While 140 is a rather simple looking platformer game, what sets it apart is the fact that the objects in the game are synced to the beat of the game’s soundtrack. Check out Cujo Sound’s YouTube channel for game audio talk and tutorials!

Audio in Unity and C# scripting

If you’re looking for a C# tutorial that will teach you how to write a script that will call on all sound effects and audio, check out Epitome’s detailed tutorial. Epitome’s channel has over 40 tutorials (with links to source code) on C#. Fun fact – his website was also built with Unity!

Project Highlights

Before We Leave

Balancing Monkey Games, the developer of Before We Leave, recently shared a trailer leading up to an upcoming game release. If you are wondering how to achieve this hexagonal low-poly style check out in on this reddit thread.

Cracked Ice Effect

Check out Binary Impacts tutorial on how to reach cracked ice effect with Unity 2019.1 and  Shader Graph. You can also check out some of the sneak peek videos of BEAM – the game developed by Binary Impact.

Realtime Plexus

If you don’t already follow Mirza, you definitely should. Besides teasing his Twitter followers with short videos of his incredible demo work, he also creates fully documented tutorials. Check them out on his blog.

Custom Tools

Everyone uses the Unity Editor differently depending on their workflow needs and projects. In this section, we wanted to share some of the recent tools we saw shared by the community. We hope you will find these useful!

Best of Made with Unity

Have you seen GameDev HQ’s YouTube  “Best of Made with Unity” multi-video series that spanned 23 episodes? The series highlight the community’s best content weekly. After you watch one of the videos, you will be on your way to watch the other 22, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Thank you for tuning in to our fourth Community Component! You and all the projects you share is what inspires this segment. If you want us to see your project featured, just share it with us on Twitter, the Unity Forums or the official Unity Discord Server.