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Code Vein, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, at first did not stand out as a must try video game. I stumbled upon this title on steam shortly after it was released on Steam. I checked the images and trailer and thought nothing more than it looked like another Japanese slash em up. It wasn’t that the visuals were anime themed ,but more or less that I was never entertained by Japanese fighting games. However a friend of mine revealed the true potential fun of this game one afternoon and I was enthralled.

What is Code Vein exactly?

Code Vein is a story based game that plays a lot like Dark Souls type games. You will create a character and be thrown into the world with little explanation of what exactly you are. You and many others are vampire like creatures infected with the BOR parasites giving the ability to manipulate your blood. These humans now called “Revenants” need blood to survive without becoming creatures called “The Lost” which an unending thirst for death. Upon rebirth your character and the companion with you have no memory of what has happened.

It is common for Revenants to lose memories especially from before what they call “The Collapse” before it got so hard to survive. Basically you and other Revenants survive by blood from humans or blood beads from fruit growing from a blood spring. However humans are rare and most of them are prisoners of the Revenants government. So scavenging blood beads is your only hope for avoiding becoming a lost yourself. You are taken by Revenants and forced into labor by finding blood beads. They need it because of a levy system imposed by the government of this lost territory. You will run into a group lead by Louis to end the thirst for blood plaguing Revenants and causing them to become lost.


There is a lot of story behind Code Vein and a lot of fighting. However there is a TON of things to do when you dont feel like chopping through hordes of creatures. There are dialogue options and background stories to discover depending on the relations with your crew. Your surroundings will have animations to explore like interacting with chairs beds or the local base hot springs. Have you ever seen any anime ever? Remember the hot springs episodes? yeah you can now live that when you progress to that point. However in a personal opinion the best feature that initially peaked my interest was the character creation.

At first glance the character creation appears to be the same as any other game. However there are so many options and customization for nearly all options. You can move around pre placed options or even place something asymmetrically. Hair and clothing even to appear to have physics helping to immerse the player into the world all that more. Textures, colors, and alternate choices exist for most features within this creature. Additionally the game allows you to change your appearance even gender at mirrors. So you can even customize your appearance depending on the experiences you have. Save presets to load them as you go or revert certain changes you have made that didn’t stick to your theme.

The Story is Crazy!

I do not want to spoil the story because i find it would ruin the overall experience. But Code Vein is full of twists and unexpected results of your actions. There are a few predictable moments but from my opinion this will not ruin the overall experience. Play solo and rip your hair out as your cortisol levels sharply rise from seemingly impossible missions. Or get help from your friends and rip your friends hair out as the continue to fail you spectacularly. One thing to keep in mind is that if the host of a game defeats the boss of the region you will not be able to play together in that location. For hardcore dark souls players you will feel right at home. God bless your souls…

Code Vein is currently 60$ on steam with the option at a Deluxe Edition for 80$. In addition to a 25$ for a seasons pass for any new content.










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