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Max Level Bot Test: Discord

Please feel free to ignore this post. It is primarily to test the bot for discord. If you are looking to join a discord gaming community feel free to join us here! If you are bored enjoy these short stories! “I am studying to be an interpreter in France. The only exam that I have failed so far is the Spanish one. It would be okay if I weren’t a native Spanish speaker.” “I punished my pupil for faking his parents’ signatures. The next day, his parents sent a complaint about me to the principal. Well, I couldn’t have imagined that the maiden name of his mother was Batman.” “I opened a Nivea cream bottle and licked the foil. Turns…

Nvidia RTX 3080, RTX 3070 Specifications Leaked

GA103: 60 SM arrays, 3480 stream processors, 320-bit video memory, 10 / 20GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. GA104: 48 sets of SM arrays, 3072 stream processors, 256-bit video memory, 8 / 16GB GDDR6 video memory capacity. Both new cores will be 7nm processes , but the foundry is unknown, and given...

by N4G News
January 21, 2020

Huawei partners with TomTom for Google Maps alternative

Huawei skirts US ban by enlisting a well-known navigation company from the Netherlands for its maps-based services. ...

by Tech Radar News
January 19, 2020

Gamers need Wifi 6! If you are a gamer you should be well versed in the modern problem of wifi sucks! Most hardcore PC and console gamers opt to hard lining with Ethernet to get the best possible performance out of their internet capabilities. This seams to have been the case for a long time especially for gamers living in areas that cant take advantage of fiber or even decent internet from their ISPs. Hardware from these kinds of ISPs usually follow suite and are poor quality wifi connections for any device. Well Wifi 6 could change this problem and bring us into…

by Yotsune@MaxLevelMag
October 23, 2019

Google may have been secretly tracking users across the web

User data is being funneled to advertisers via secret Google web pages. ...

by Tech Radar News
September 5, 2019

Windows 10 preview refines search and adds GPU temps reading to Task Manager

Intelligent search should be able to ensure that useful results are still returned when you make spelling mistakes. ...

by Tech Radar News
August 17, 2019

Big O

Origin PC has come out with a new computer I have my eye on. I am waiting to get back into streaming on my day off from my main job, so looking at this computer that has a PC, Xbox, PS4 and a Nintendo Switch in it with a capture card looks like it will help. Origin PC is a computer building company based in Florida. They have been in operation since 2009, and for there 10th anniversary they wanted to do something extraordinary, so they made the best gaming rig out there. The main business for them is making…

by PandaKu
August 15, 2019

Max Level Tech: Logitech X56-Hotas

Today in Max Level Tech, we're going to be talking about the logitech/saitek X56-Hotas flight stick. This flight stick is everything that any kind of flight enthusiast could ask for on a budget. In this article we are going to go through the pro's, con's, and everything that someone needs to know about this piece of tech. As one can see by the picture of the Logitech/Saitek X56-Hotas, there are more buttons that most people will know what to do with. Not even getting started on the fact that this flight stick is separable! To give a brief overview of…

Ubisoft tackles XP farming in Assassin’s Creed Story Creator

Ubisoft is not happy with players who have been using Odyssey’s Story Creator mode to farm XP. ...

Mark it in your calendar, Amazon Prime Day 2019 start July 15

We have the official Amazon Prime Day 2019 dates, and Amazon is calling it a two-day parade of epic deals. ...









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