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Level up your mobile indie skills with the Indie XP series

Take your game and business skills to the next level with this indie-focused series on how to successfully scale and operate your game. There’s a lot more to a successful mobile game than the core development. In this speaker series, we explore all the fundamentals outside of game development that will...

by Unity Tech
December 4, 2020

Accelerating Unity’s new GameObjects multiplayer networking framework

The open source MLAPI project joins the Unity family. Read on to discover some of the changes you can expect as we build Unity’s first-party GameObjects multiplayer networking (netcode) framework. One of Unity’s top priorities for 2021 is to expand the Unity ecosystem with a first-party multiplayer networking solution for GameObjects...

by Unity Tech
December 3, 2020

Cinemachine 2.6 brings you precision, improved workflow, and little bits of magic 

Everything in your Unity project passes through the lens of a camera, so you need to squeeze everything you can out of that camera. While much of this magic is expressed through render pipelines – light, shadow, focus, color – other dimensions are critical: camera position, motion, and timing....

by Unity Tech
May 22, 2020

Augment your spaces with Vuforia Engine

Vuforia 9.0 is here. The latest release lets you easily create immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences for large environments with Area Targets. The spaces where we live, work, and shop have an abundance of valuable information – but it can be difficult to access relevant data in context. Current...

by Unity Tech
April 21, 2020

Hundred Soul: How Hound13 created a stunning mobile ARPG with Unity

In January 2019, a Korean indie studio Hound13 launched Hundred Soul as a mobile-only, action role-playing game (ARPG) in Korea. After over 1.6 million mobile downloads and positive Korean Google Play and AppStore ratings, this fast-moving, game with near-console graphics quality has set its sights on North America by the end...

by Unity Tech
April 20, 2020

Unity 2020 events update

In our Unite Now blog post a few weeks ago, we announced that Unity would not be hosting a physical event this year. Instead, Unite 2020 will be completely digital. Since that post, we’ve received a lot of questions, so we wanted to take a moment to bring everyone up to...

by Unity Tech
April 20, 2020

Achieve beautiful, scalable, and performant graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline

Universal Render Pipeline is a powerful, ready-to-use solution with a full suite of artist tools for content creation. Use should use this rendering pipeline if you want to make a game that has full Unity platform reach with best-in-class visual quality and performance. We covered the benefits of the...

by Unity Tech
February 10, 2020

Unity and Overtone at PAX East 2020

We’re showcasing Unity’s voice and text chat app, Overtone, at PAX East. Experience the power of this reliable, scalable, high-fidelity communication tool in Boston, MA, February 27 to March 1.  Connect with Overtone Overtone is a free downloadable voice and text chat app that enables gamers around the world to communicate...

by Unity Tech
January 22, 2020

Black Friday is back!

This week, save 50% on 400 of this year’s most popular assets to take your Unity project to the next level. Looking to build wild landscapes from scratch? Want to create cinema-quality lighting effects? Need an Editor extension to save time on coding? This week, we’re offering big discounts throughout the...

by Unity Tech
November 25, 2019

Normal map compositing using the surface gradient framework in Shader Graph

A recent Unity Labs paper introduces a new framework for blending normal maps that is easy and intuitive for both technical artists and graphics engineers. This approach overcomes several limitations of traditional methods. Since the introduction of normal mapping in real-time computer graphics, combining or blending normal maps in a mathematically...

by Unity Tech
November 20, 2019









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