Can You Survive RimWorld?

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A Prelude of RimWorld Gameplay

Are you a fan of Simulator games like Dwarf fortress? If you have not heard of RimWorld somehow you are in for a welcome surprise! Brought to you by Ludeon Studio with a full release Oct 17, 2018 from a long early access on Steam. RimWorld brings a simulated world full of different factions of colonists being potential friendly or hostile. The world you come into will be full of strange wildlife and events that will help or destroy your colony.

To begin you will select what scenario you want to play. Rimworld will present you with a few options such as crash landed or Lost Tribe. Crash landed is the story of your colonist on their way to a new planet and the ship crashing into the Rimworld. Your main objective will be to build a ship and escape the surrounding hordes of pirates and raiders. Lost tribe is more challenging, you will start as a primitive colony with no advanced tech and survive long enough to become a superpower. RimWorld’s end goal is to escape the planet but the game allows you to make your own objectives without forcing the main one on you.

Starting you will select an AI story teller who will control the world you live in. The story teller will influence the events your colonists will have to overcome. Events will range from raiders/ animals attacking to traders looking to buy and sell. You have three different AI storytellers with different personalities with variations in how they operate. Cassandra Classic is objectively a tame AI storyteller starting out easy and building the challenge over time. Phoebe Chillax in my personal experience is the hardest storyteller she has the most variations at no set difficulty. She can lull you into false safety and punish you harshly for it. Randy Random is random and will constantly keep you guessing what will happen.

The world is incredibly large and full of variations and biomes. Where you settle your new colony will determine how well you can grow crops and the rates of possible diseases you can contract. Each tile on the generated planet is a whole map that you can colonize. Your locations will determine what kind of challenges you will encounter and how long it takes to travel around the map. Events will appear around the planet such as supply drops or messages to rescue prisoners.

The Beginning of Your Journey

Once you have selected your home base you will be faced with selecting your colonists. Pawns aka “Colonists” will have a childhood and adulthood backstory when applicable that will determine their skills and subsequent traits. Moreover this will affect what skills they can perform and how well they will improve said skills. Depending on traits and backstory certain skills will selected as preferred and bring your pawns joy and allow them to advance faster than normal. You will want to get a well rounded group of colonists with general skills to settle your city. However do not worry too much. Other people will flock to your city for safety however you can recruit prisoners of war too. Once a colonist joins your faction you will need to micro manage their place in your base.

Now that you have selected your colonists and location you will need to establish your base. Many aspects of having functional colony will need to be established living spaces, stockpiles, and growing spaces. Just starting off will be challenging and tons to do and feeling like a lot of work. Although the more you build your base and more advanced your tech gets the more prosperous yet challenging the game gets. Raiders will see your success and depending on your difficulty and storyteller, they will try to take that success.

Can You Survive?

Off the bat you will need hunt and grow food supplies and both can be dangerous. Hunting the native wildlife can cause herds to attack your base and people can get injured. Growing, alternatively has its own challenges with grow cycles and winter seasons when applicable. Plant disease can annihilate your crops and will need to be treated to save the crop. Without food your colony fails, but you have many options to explore. Cook meals that are edible for your colonists into meals and try to preserve it in your freezers.

Undoubtedly your pawns will be injured trying to survive the many challenges and events in the world. RimWorld has an intricate medical and character status feature. Every individual part of human anatomy is accounted for. Fingers, Toes, and limbs can take damage or be removed and will need treatments to save pawn’s lives. Removed limbs and body parts can be replaced with simple to advanced prosthetic replacements. Replaced limbs will perform better then ever before, or at worst be like your pawn never lost a body part.

More Info

RimWorld is 35$ on steam and has full modding support to really customize your game.

Head over to Steam to learn more about Rim World and always remember to keep your gaming set to MAX!