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BlizzCon 2018 is well underway, and with it comes a ton of new announcements from the studio. There might have been some unfavorable reactions to Blizzard’s unveiling of Diablo: Immortals as a mobile-exclusive title, but there was another highlight that was very welcome, and that was the announcement of six Overwatch LEGO building sets. Each one will be available sometime in the new year, and can be pre-ordered now. Each set comes with multiple characters, save the 10-inch posable Bastion. You can check out descriptions of the sets from Blizzard’s press release below:

Overwach LEGO Set

  • Tracer vs. Widowmaker- $14.99

Tracer and Widowmaker’s minifigs (with signature weapons) accompany a mannable drone satellite and checkpoint disc. The set can be combined with the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map kit

Overwach LEGO Set

  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar Map Kit- $89.99

Includes Mercy, Reaper, Winston and Pharah. That likewise gives minifigs their signature items and weapons, and features a 14-inch Overwatch rocket that separates into two vehicles. 

Overwach LEGO Set

  • Dorado Showdown Playset- $29.99

Soldier 76, McCree and Reaper are together in this set, which includes a payload truck (with adjustable hover wheels), a generator payload and a Dorado-style building with a doorway for the payload truck to pass through.

Overwatch LEGO Set

  • D.Va & Reinhardt- $39.99

D.Va and Reinhardt are standalone mechs both more than five inches tall. Their minifigs can ride in the cockpit, and D.Va’s has a shooting function.

Overwatch LEGO Set

  • Bastion- $49.99

Bastion, once built, can be posed in recon mode (more than 10 inches tall) or sentry mode (about six inches tall) without rebuilding. This kit is $49.99

Although you won’t be able to receive these sets for the holidays, it might be a good idea to preorder while you can before it sells out. If you’re looking for other Blizzard merchandise, you can check out Mei’s Snowball or Genji’s Sword. If you think they’re a bit too much, there’s always the sweet set of Overwatch statues to choose from.

Don’t forget that a brand new character was just unveiled at BlizzCon too! You can get all of the details on Ashe right here.

What do you all think of the sets? What other sets do you think they should come out with? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Polygon]

Blizzard and LEGO Announce Six Incredible Overwatch Sets









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