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Origin PC has come out with a new computer I have my eye on. I am waiting to get back into streaming on my day off from my main job, so looking at this computer that has a PC, Xbox, PS4 and a Nintendo Switch in it with a capture card looks like it will help.

Origin PC is a computer building company based in Florida. They have been in operation since 2009, and for there 10th anniversary they wanted to do something extraordinary, so they made the best gaming rig out there. The main business for them is making computer customized to what you are looking for, from gaming, workstation, and even laptops.

They are the main options for computer from small PC’s that you can quickly move, to more prominent larger towers at are water-cooled and the highest speeds. But the central part this PC, the Big O, what I believe is there most expensive PC yet. With a full Xbox with 2TB of SSD memory, custom CRYOGENIC water cooling loop in Xbox Green.

A full PS4 as well that is has a 2TB of memory on an SSD and blue CRYOGENIC cooling for it as well, full custom water cooled pc. It has a Nintendo switch Dock on it so you can play and charge your switch on the pc. For the PC it has an Nvidia Titan RTX in it for graphics, 14TB memory, 64GB Corsair Dominator platinum RGB RAM sticks. With full custom RGB lighting in the pc and thoroughly water-cooled with an Intel Core i9-9900K CPU in it for running it.

On the back, there are ports for all systems so you can plug and go plug it up to a monitor with some channels and you can switch channels on the monitor to switch modes if you want. I hope that they bring this to the public, but I don’t think they will do that. So far from what I have found, there is only one they have made for Unbox Therapy, I will post the link to the video at the bottom of the article.

But even if you don’t want to get the Big O bc if it does come out it will be an expense but want something a little cheaper. Then you should try to build a computer with them, and it is not to hard to do. You can get in full detail from the color to picking out your GPU. You can also get peripherals if you want from them like your keyboard and monitors if you wish to.

Pics from Originpc.com

Unbox Therapy video for the pc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErQQc6cUSTA










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