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It’s Here! Minecraft Dungeons. (Review)

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Its finally here after all these months since i made the original article! I have been streaming Minecraft Dungeons all morning to celebrate its release. The fantastic thing about this game is there is little learning curve even for those not experienced with Diablo. Its simplistic yet gives a satisfying accomplishment to getting stronger and higher level. The Armor and weapons look and feel great yet not hard to let go for better equipment. You don’t need to be a hoarder. Among all else the game runs well and the graphics look great! Lets get into all the details of what this game does right and why it is so good! See where to buy and other information at the end of this article.

The Visuals!

While staying true to the original feel of the minecraft textures Minecraft Dungeons manages to have a unique twist. Personally i don’t know if it the lighting effects or extra care and love to the texture mapping but it looks great! From the lights from the hearth to the glowing ore of the caves the aesthetics of this game are top notch! One gripe I tend to have with games and this advanced of lighting is not being able to see without a solid light source. Minecraft Dungeons does not have this problem. I find myself being able to see even in the dark without feeling the volumetric shading being affected.

With this new world of visuals comes their own story to match the world. The setting of this game will show the rise of the Illegers rising to power through fate. You and your friends the heroes of this game will need to stand and fight the hoards threatening the Villagers. This game offers standard mobs along with the new mob variants and specialized bosses. You will experience this all in a Diablo like fashion strategy game.

General Gameplay

If you have ever played games like Dark Souls or Diablo then you will feel right at home. With these mechanics you will traverse the world within the game composed of mission hotspots to tackle objectives. Select one hotspot you are interested in and select your difficulty. The map you go into never feels exactly the same, at least as far as i noticed. It appears that there is some level of procedural generation in the layouts of whatever dungeon you go to. Along with the layout the mobs can be different in areas and surprise you with a boss or uncommon powerful enemy. If you are like me and like to play on the hardest difficulty possible then this can mean wiping easily depending on your luck.

As you progress through many challenges you will find yourself getting new gear of varying stats. This runs of the standard RPG fundamentals of tiered colored gear. Unlike its predecessor Minecraft the inventory is animated and looks to be what us as gamers have come to expect. It informative and helps to formulate a strategy for your next dungeon. There are no Class systems in Minecraft Dungeons. Everything is determined of your equipment and artifacts. Artifacts determine what your three “Abilities” that you can use are. You can fully customize how your character affects your party or whatever situation is by these artifacts.

This game is fully co-op up to four party members in a party. Additionally there is a two player local play as long as you have the remotes. Local play may allow more on console but as for PC it APPEARS to allow multiple people on one console. As far as for most PC users they will just play in the four player co-op via the internet. Multiplayer does well with keeping the game balanced. When a player dies a living player will have 30 seconds to relieve them. Its not as easy as you think I swear! When a player is down the will generate a darkness that can spawn mobs and more frequently when the timer starts to run out. However i believe this to depend more on the difficulty you play any particular mission on.

In Conclusion.

For console users you can find this game on whatever associated digital store your system uses. As for PC you get get Minecraft Dungeons through the Xbox beta live pass or at Mojang for 20$ USD. You can find it here at:

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Rimworld Multiplayer Mod Everyone Needs!

I have covered Rimworld in a previous article, and if you do not know this game check it out below this paragraph! Rimworld has been busy and still relevant. New DLC and tons of mods are available for its many patches and versions. While mindlessly watching YouTube I discovered that there was a full multiplayer experience! What I discovered was a whole community of modders and gamers behind the Zetrith’s Multiplayer Mod on steam. But this allows you and up to eight friends total to play in the same session live! You can share pawns, the characters of the game, or have your own dedicated pawns to interact and work together.

How it Works

Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod will have you and your friends all sync to the hosts mod configuration and game configuration. Yes this mod allows you to still play with other mods that work well with the multiplayer mod. The host will set up a world and characters for the other players to use, and host the game. The Arbiter will be the first connection to the hosted server and will keep the players in sync. After that your friends can see your session in the multiplayer tab of the home menu.

Now the Zetrith’s Multiplayer mod is a little touchy and is not perfect. The game can still desync and will try to resync all the players. This usually isn’t a problem however the server might need to be restarted after re-synchronization because of a freeze bug. I would recommend frequent autosaves with a minimum of 2 saves every in game day. This will make sure you don’t lose progress. Another recommendation is to limit mods to around 20. I have the best server host performance at 20, but it depends on the mods you use.

The performance is not perfect for sure. There are still way you and friends will cause desync from each other and you will need to resync. Normally if one or more people in the session desync its not a big deal. You will need to wait about 10 to 60 seconds for everyone to resync. However if the host desyncs then the host will need to save and relaunch the session. This is because after the host resyncs the time in game will freeze. Fixing it is easy, like I said just rehost the game after saving.

How to Set Up Multiplayer

To start make sure everyone involved has their Rimworld up to date. Like most anyone who plays Rimworld you will want mods. You will need to pick out mods that work well with the multiplayer. To check this you will need to go to the multiplayer discord here:

Go to the mod-check channel and use the command with the names of the mods you want to use.

After you have all the mods you want subscribed to on Steam you will need your friends to get the exact same mods you have. I find the best way to do this is to favorite the mods on Steam after subscribing to them. Your friends will find the mods a LOT easier.
The host of the game will need to arrange their mods load order in the game menu.

Example of My Mod Load Order

Once the host of the multiplayer has set this up everyone in your group will need the exact same mod load order setup. After all this the last steps to get this working is to share your config files and set up the game!
The host will need to navigate to the config files in his LocalLow folder. To get to the folder search for the folder %appdata% on you windows search bar. Navigate to C:\Users(Your User Name)\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config and send any Mod_##########_(Name of mod).xml you have with the ModsConfig.xml. All your friends will need to delete/ replace their config files with the hosts.

Example of the RimWorld Multiplayer

With all these steps done the host will make a game as if he was making a single play game. Select your scenario, story teller AI, and your pawns for the game. Once that is all said and done and the host is in game he/ she will just hit Esc and select Host from the menu. All your friends will join from the Multiplayer section on the main menu through steam tab.

My Tips for Multiplayer

First and foremost do not initiate and debug commands to revive a pawn or end events. If you are lucky this will only cause desync, however i have lost multiplayer games from messing with those. Also to prevent losing a long period of time if something messes up I recommend autosaving two times a game day. These autosaves have saved my game file and has ensured that i can have a long running game.

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Max Level Bot Test: Discord

Please feel free to ignore this post. It is primarily to test the bot for discord. If you are looking to join a discord gaming community feel free to join us here!

If you are bored enjoy these short stories!

  • “I am studying to be an interpreter in France. The only exam that I have failed so far is the Spanish one. It would be okay if I weren’t a native Spanish speaker.”
  • “I punished my pupil for faking his parents’ signatures. The next day, his parents sent a complaint about me to the principal. Well, I couldn’t have imagined that the maiden name of his mother was Batman.”
  • “I opened a Nivea cream bottle and licked the foil. Turns out, it’s not as tasty as yogurt.”
  • “I am traveling around Ireland. Decided to take a funny photo with a sheep wearing my glasses. So if you meet a sheep in Ray-Ban shades…”
  • “Our system administrator is on vacation. I don’t know how he does it but every morning, there appears to be a new splash screen on all the office computers — and it’s of him on the beach.”
  • “After a year of being a bachelor, I met a very nice 24-year-old girl. When she found out I didn’t have a smartphone, a TV set, or an account on Facebook, she got scared and left me. While saying goodbye to me she added that she’d better find someone ’normal’ for herself.”
  • “4 days before our wedding, my bride broke her left ring finger.”
  • “I was boasting my unpredictability and spontaneity to my new partner. At this moment, he slowly brought his lips to mine and whispered voluptuously, ’So, amaze me.’ I still don’t know why I burped in response.”
  • “I asked a trainee to make 150 copies. She made only 50. When I told her about it, she threw the already-made copies into a garbage bin… and went to make new ones.”
  • “Today in the park, I met my classmate that I hadn’t seen since school ended. She was with her husband and 2 kids and I was catching Pokémon with my friends.”
  • “Today, a Russian man asked me if I came from Russia. Being surprised, I answered that I didn’t. Then he explained that my tattoos translated to belonging to the mafia. Hmm!”
  • “I fell asleep on a train and slept for only several minutes. When I woke up, everyone in the wagon was looking at me with strange smiles. I still don’t know what I did.”
  • “I was on vacation in Australia. When I was sleeping, an enormously huge and creepy insect crawled on my bed and then disappeared. I couldn’t find it. That was the longest night of my life.”
  • “I work as a receptionist in a hotel. Today clients wrote a complaint saying that the water in the sea was too salty.”
  • “The other day, 2 guys came up to me on the street. One of them said, ‘Give me your mobile phone, quickly.’ In response, I punched him in the face. The second one was shocked. Turns out, they were promoters. They were giving out leaflets inviting me to join a course in self-defense.”
  • “My daughter-in-law taught my grandson to cry and shout, ‘Am I not good enough for you?’ And he does it every time I ask her whether she would like to have one more child.”
  • “Today my husband and I decided to split up the house chores. So it was his turn to wash the dishes. He opened the tap, wet his hands, closed the tap, dried his hands, took the car keys and left. He came back with a dishwasher.”
  • “I am a hairdresser. Today I got a client who showed me with gestures that he was deaf and mute. Fortunately, I know a few gestures in sign language and tried to communicate with him. Not being able to stand it, he said aloud, ’God, my ingenious plan failed. Please cut my hair quietly.’ ”
  • “To take revenge on me after a quarrel, my wife wrapped her sneakers in foil instead of the usual sandwich she packs me, and I took it to work.”
  • “I was celebrating the new year in Rio de Janeiro. I went there for the fantastic beach fireworks. Just before midnight, I decided to go to the hotel to pick up my camera and got stuck in the elevator till 3 AM. Happy New Year!
  • “I have an allergy to sea water. I’ve lived in Tahiti my whole life.”
  • “Today I got a strong urge to buy my wife flowers. She accepted them with tears in her eyes saying, ’Darling, you didn’t forget.’ The most interesting thing is that I still don’t understand what she was talking about. Well, at least I dodged a bullet!”
  • “I told my boss that she made a mistake in the timetable because there is no 29th of February this year. She said, ’Do you mean that Tuesday is followed by Thursday this year?’ She was very serious.”
  • “On the 24th of December, I was going home to celebrate Christmas with my family in the country. The snowstorm was very strong and I got stuck in the countryside. I thought that I would have to celebrate Christmas alone in the car. The car was already covered up with snow when somebody knocked on the window. Turns out, a man behind me also got stuck. He got into my car with a couple of burgers and 2 glasses of Coke. There can be happy endings in the worst of situations!
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Warcraft III Reforged Coming Soon

Blizzard has announced that as of January 28 2020 they will release the long awaited Warcraft III reforged. With this news there have been many rumors going around about the game. The biggest one i have been seeing is concerning the general lore of the game. Some have been saying that Blizzard is planning on slightly altering the lore to better fit World of Warcraft. However I don’t think they have altered it or have done so minimally. I have followed a lot of the available content for the campaign on YouTube and have noticed no differences. As far as i can see this project stays true to what Warcraft III was with modern quality graphics.

What Reforged has to Offer.

  • 62 missions across Kalimdor, Lordaeron, Northrend, and beyond
  • 40+ hours of epic gameplay
  • 4+ hours of reforged in-game cutscenes
  • Control over 20 legendary heroes and villains from Warcraft lore: gain experience, level up, master powerful abilities, and enhance nearby units
  • Re-balanced Gameplay to compete with modern RTS games.
  • Updated and enhanced custom campaigns features, and custom matchmaking games.

Some additional features they have put into the game have surprised me. For instance when playing outside of the campaign it appears that when summoning a hero it will randomly select the gender of most heros. I have only seen a few so i can not say for sure but i have seen female variants of the Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and the Warden. However i have heard from beta testers that this applies to all heros but i can not be for sure.

Some rumors have been going around talking about being able to edit the game mechanics for custom games. In example there are talks that will allow you to increase the max selected units from 12 to a yet unknown number. This will drastically improve some custom games that have large numbers of units or structures that you will need to manage. This will apply a whole new feel to classic custom campaigns/ gamemodes to operate in a whole new way.

How does it Play?

As of December 2019 the game has become substantially optimized compared to earlier beta tests. Framerates even with very large battles still run crisply and hold up. This highly depends on the machine you are playing on too. Additionally the units appear to be better distinguished with the contrasts of colors between the environment. In earlier beta tests it was a known issue that because of the saturation levels of colors of units and the environment it was hard to see the exact details of your units. The details would appear to blend in with the environment and sometimes be difficult to find your troops if they were alone.

Minimum Spec Requirements

Operating System Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10
Processor Intel® Pentium® D or AMD™ Athlon™ 64 X2
Video NVIDIA® GeForce; 6800 (256 MB) or ATI™ HD 3650 Pro (256 MB) or better
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage 3 GB available hard drive space
Internet Broadband Internet connection
Input Keyboard and mouse
Resolution 1280 x 720 minimum display resolution


Pre-Purchase Here(Warcraft III Reforged Site):

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Code Vein: A Extraordinary Experience.

Code Vein, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, at first did not stand out as a must try video game. I stumbled upon this title on steam shortly after it was released on Steam. I checked the images and trailer and thought nothing more than it looked like another Japanese slash em up. It wasn’t that the visuals were anime themed ,but more or less that I was never entertained by Japanese fighting games. However a friend of mine revealed the true potential fun of this game one afternoon and I was enthralled.

What is Code Vein exactly?

Code Vein is a story based game that plays a lot like Dark Souls type games. You will create a character and be thrown into the world with little explanation of what exactly you are. You and many others are vampire like creatures infected with the BOR parasites giving the ability to manipulate your blood. These humans now called “Revenants” need blood to survive without becoming creatures called “The Lost” which an unending thirst for death. Upon rebirth your character and the companion with you have no memory of what has happened.

It is common for Revenants to lose memories especially from before what they call “The Collapse” before it got so hard to survive. Basically you and other Revenants survive by blood from humans or blood beads from fruit growing from a blood spring. However humans are rare and most of them are prisoners of the Revenants government. So scavenging blood beads is your only hope for avoiding becoming a lost yourself. You are taken by Revenants and forced into labor by finding blood beads. They need it because of a levy system imposed by the government of this lost territory. You will run into a group lead by Louis to end the thirst for blood plaguing Revenants and causing them to become lost.


There is a lot of story behind Code Vein and a lot of fighting. However there is a TON of things to do when you dont feel like chopping through hordes of creatures. There are dialogue options and background stories to discover depending on the relations with your crew. Your surroundings will have animations to explore like interacting with chairs beds or the local base hot springs. Have you ever seen any anime ever? Remember the hot springs episodes? yeah you can now live that when you progress to that point. However in a personal opinion the best feature that initially peaked my interest was the character creation.

At first glance the character creation appears to be the same as any other game. However there are so many options and customization for nearly all options. You can move around pre placed options or even place something asymmetrically. Hair and clothing even to appear to have physics helping to immerse the player into the world all that more. Textures, colors, and alternate choices exist for most features within this creature. Additionally the game allows you to change your appearance even gender at mirrors. So you can even customize your appearance depending on the experiences you have. Save presets to load them as you go or revert certain changes you have made that didn’t stick to your theme.

The Story is Crazy!

I do not want to spoil the story because i find it would ruin the overall experience. But Code Vein is full of twists and unexpected results of your actions. There are a few predictable moments but from my opinion this will not ruin the overall experience. Play solo and rip your hair out as your cortisol levels sharply rise from seemingly impossible missions. Or get help from your friends and rip your friends hair out as the continue to fail you spectacularly. One thing to keep in mind is that if the host of a game defeats the boss of the region you will not be able to play together in that location. For hardcore dark souls players you will feel right at home. God bless your souls…

Code Vein is currently 60$ on steam with the option at a Deluxe Edition for 80$. In addition to a 25$ for a seasons pass for any new content.


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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Nighttime Battle 2

Minecraft Dungeons plays much like a dungeon crawler game. Think of it a lot like Diablo by the looks of how it plays. It is classified as an action role-play/ action adventure game and obviously within the minecraft universe. Mojang and Double Eleven have developed this game in the Unreal engine and seem to have dynamic lights and better graphics yet still feel like minecraft. Minecraft Dungeons is primarily meant to be a singleplayer adventure however will have up to 4 player co-op option to play with friends.

Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Lava Bridge

What is Game-play Like?

Unlike Minecraft there is no crafting or building in this game. You will explore procedural generated world and dungeons and conquer challenges set before you. There are no classes and you and friends can wear any piece of gear you find. Gear and items will determine the advantages you will have against the hordes of mobs that will be coming your way. You will be able to pull up a map overlay while you play to help guide you through pre determined missions. Additionally this overlay will help you find loot and potentially help you with challenges. Keep in mind this is meant to be an adventure so the map will only help you so much.

This project does not seem to have been thrown together. It is a passion project with many details. The animations within the game feel like minecraft yet smoother and more refined. The soundtrack has been well thought out with nice music appropriate to where you are in the world. Additionally it seams you can even have a npc helper that follows you around and help you in intense combat situations. Everything looks as it is suppose to belong but also up to par with modern graphics and refinement.

Check out these videos!

Minecraft Dungeons will be released Q2 of 2020 to Mojang’s website. It is not a long wait so getting on the hype train wont mean suffering while waiting for release. Minecraft Dungeons is estimated to be around 20$ for base game and rumors of 30$ for a seasons pass for DLC. However these are just rumors and not confirmed as far as i can tell.

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Albion Online, Whats your Story? True Cross Platform

Albion online is a sandbox mmo across almost all platforms! Much like Runescape there are many skills such as crafting, refining, and combat. All skills have multiple options to explore for skill trees. The game encourages you to play the way you want with such options as being an adventure, entrepreneur, a soldier, bandit, and more! Enjoy PVP if that is the way you want to play or stay to PVE zones to avoid that hassle. Albion Online is free to play with pay for premium features. For me and my play style the premium feature is irrelevant since I play casually. For some this may be a deal breaker however I do still recommend trying the game and forming an opinion

What is Gameplay like?

Much like Runescape you press/ click where you want to move and interact with. I have played both on my PC and my phone ( Note 10+ 4k resolution) and both clients work great! You will start the game in a tutorial island that at first feels very simple. Don’t let this sway you. The tutorial quickly expand and you will want to pay attention to what the tutorial has to offer. It will introduce you to combat, skills, crafting, and the basics of the economy if you chose to explore it. Crafting is simple but satisfying and in later stages will be essential to the marketplace. Armor, weapons, and tools all have durability that will eventually break and need to be replaced.

Crafting is the process of going out into the world and gathering a variety of raw materials from nature. Basic materials you will encounter early on will be ores, hides, wood, and stone ect. After collecting the appropriate amount you need you will go back to a town and work at a station/ npc to refine the materials. Most crafting and refining will be done this way. As far as I can tell most cities you travel to will have said stations that will allow you to get the work done. There is a limited carry capacity of goods within your character. However I believe that certain mounts can expand the amount of goods carried.

The economy!

This is huge for any sandbox mmo game. Luckily we seem to have been provided one where the vast majority of goods are completely player driven between supply and demand. With most everything having durability players will need to craft and sell goods for players who can’t be bothered to craft said goods. Because of this and the many other play styles most anything from raw materials to refined/ crafted goods have value! Most importantly each market is local based meaning all items sold in one location have to be acquired at that location. This means armed escorts for warrior players will be essential for traveling merchant players.

PvP and such.

Even though its not quite my style I still enjoy the fear of other players in the world. Outside the protection of the royal guards lies many players waiting to strike and take what is yours. Because players will be traveling with goods to sell at prime locations and that will make them targets. But why do players attack other players? Most of the time is for wealth opportunities. Alternatively players will do it just for the reaction and that is an option for you.

Pvp will be a combination of what skills you chose to learn and stats given by your equipment. Much like other combat competitive games there are combinations of skills that will counter other skills and you will have your own set of counters. When going into battle will best be done in organized groups that will have your skills exploits covered.

Additional Content.

Real estate and player housing are prevalent within Albion. When advancing through the game you will be able to buy/ build housing. You can do this on the mainland or by purchasing an island. Building your property, depending on what you build, will give bonuses to your craft or profession that you make for yourself. There are many benefits to crafting and other features in the game. To much to actually list in this article. However if craft is your game definitely consider starting a home. The benefits will be worth it.

With territory and land comes land disputes. Players owning land comes fighting over land. Guilds can fight over territory for territorial benefits. These battles, over territories, will take place as 5v5 skirmishes with the victor taking the territory. Additionally cities can be captured by guilds in big 20v20 battles. Capturing territory will benefit the guild and will stack with the more territories you own.

There is tons still to do in Albion Online And the best part is it is free to play, so why not try it out?


Albion’s Website:
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Gamers need Wifi 6!

If you are a gamer you should be well versed in the modern problem of wifi sucks! Most hardcore PC and console gamers opt to hard lining with Ethernet to get the best possible performance out of their internet capabilities. This seams to have been the case for a long time especially for gamers living in areas that cant take advantage of fiber or even decent internet from their ISPs. Hardware from these kinds of ISPs usually follow suite and are poor quality wifi connections for any device. Well Wifi 6 could change this problem and bring us into the next generation of wifi. Wifi 6 was built in response to the growing demands of devices being found within the standard household of developed countries.

What exactly makes it better? (Technical)

Wifi 6 or 802.11ax uses new features such as 1024-QAM with the capability to carry a symbol at 10bits rather than previous 802.11ac versions at an 8bit rate. This improves raw speeds by 25% with an overall 1.25x speed per symbol. Watch streaming services such as netflix or twitch with next to 0 buffering times and game at peak performances! Additionally to 1024-QAM wifi 6 uses an 8×8 uplink/ downlink channel system.

What is a channel you may ask? Well its how data transfers between your computer to the server online you are communicating with. With previous wifi it was 4×4 meaning you had 4 channels for data to come in from the internet and 4 channels sending data to the internet from your computer. These channels operated on 80MHz which had little “traffic management” which caused low priority data packets to slow significantly or stop all together.

With wifi 6 we have double the channels at 8×8 operating at 160Mhz and enhanced data traffic management meaning that your router/ modem will interweave high and low priority data packets at a rate where neither get slowed or hindered by each other. To paint a picture imagine downloading World of Warcraft a massive online game while watching youtube or surfing facebook at the same time and seeing no performance difference between surfing and downloading.

What makes it better so everyone understands!?

1024-QAM allows speeds up to 9.6 Gbps (Gigabits per second) speeds that could handle streaming even at 8K resolutions. OFDMs are a smbol that transmits data and divides data among sub carriers with wide coverage and mor stability. Wifi 6 has longer and more frequent OFDM which increases speeds that data transfers by 11% or even more!

Most of all why this new wifi is modernizing the internet is the 8×8 channels which will allow double or more the amount of devices connected to the same network. I think we all can relate the frustration of someone taking data between sever devices and not even using them most of the time! This with Wifi six will alleviate this problem and will become a problem of the past!

And lets not forget latency, with OFDMA (remember the symbols!) the data transmitted will be able to be spread between workloads of devices depending on priority. With all the channels and enhanced traffic management all devices will be able to send and receive data at the same time without fighting over priority.

Best Recourse i could find!

I am a huge fan of Linus Tech tips and being that they are the ones that introduced me to Wifi 6 i think its only appropriate to show their video on the subject. Personally they probably communicate the subject better than I. However as of this video i don’t believe wifi 6 was available for personal use. Now wifi 6 products are available but you will need to still talk to you Internet Service Provider to see if they support wifi 6 or if your home is eligible for it.

look at his face! See how excited he is??? Can you really say no to watching?!?


Links to wifi 6 routers!

Low Cost:
Med cost:

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Kenshi 2 What to Know.

KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

Its no secret or surprise to hear Chris Hunt is making a Kenshi 2. Close to six months ago he announced on his twitter and other social platforms that he was working on the story before the collapse of the world. Kenshi 2 will be taking place before the event of the first game and its really hard to imagine this world. Even as a die hard fan of this game I cant even begin to imagine what the world would be like without chaos everywhere. The only thing I can deduce is that it will be technologically advanced and just as dangerous if not worse that what we know of the world. Not a lot is known about the project however I will be letting you know what we know so far and rumors from the community.

When I imagine the world before the collapse what comes to mind is lush forests and plenty of fertile ground. The ability to cultivate and survive is right there below your feet. However a world without conflict would be boring and I wouldn’t want that. There could be new creatures that would have gone extinct from the collapse, and even semi-intelligent creatures posing dangers. War between the great empires would be raging and even being neutral in these wars will have consequences. Battles could have minor or devastating affects on the surroundings such as destroyed buildings/ crops even animals becoming hostile. I would like to imagine that because of hazards around the world or political problems, that would make it difficult to settle where ever I want.

KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

What We Know For Sure.

We know that Lofi Studio is trying to make the game within the Unreal Engine which is so exciting to hear. This project in the Unreal Engine will not only look good but there will be less work for the developers. In addition the other benefits means that performance will go up seeing potential processing speed ups and more opportunities for new features. Moreover Chris Hunt has confirmed that he is prioritizing keeping Kenshi 2 as mod friendly as possible with or without the Unreal Engine. I personally cant express the gratitude as a consumer of Lofi Studios that they are keeping their game open to customization from the community! One other benefit to the new engine would be a new path-finding system implemented into the game. The first games path-finding was not terrible however it did have a lot of inconvenient hiccups but not game breaking. Additionally seeing clothing physics and potential hair physics have been mentioned in discussions online!

Talks have even mentioned porting the original game to the new engine to take advantage of any benefits that come with it. A poll went up on to help determine what Lofi should focus on between the port over for Kenshi 1 or focus on Kenshi 2. The community has been participating in the poll significantly and it seams that the community is in favor or focusing on the second Kenshi. I think this is a great choice but personally, even if it means waiting a bit longer, I would love to see the first Kenshi evolve to the new engine.

KENSHI Fan Art: Mark Makovey, the Lead Concept artist at 5518 Studios

Sorry its so short!

Not a whole lot is out on Kenshi 2 and that’s ok. Lofi Studio is not a huge studio of developers and its realistic to expect a long development time. However Lofi developers are devoted to their project and are very active on social media and discord. You can see glimpses into the new project and features by following them and steam discussions on the subject. I will have as much relevant links to all information and pages for you below. Thank you to everyone following our passion project with this website and having patience with us! We will continue to follow Kenshi 2 and give updates as time goes by!


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Hytale Adventure and Creativity

Hytale is a new title by Hypixel studios developed potentially to be one of the biggest new games since minecraft itself. Minecraft being undoubtedly one of the most successful games out there being ridiculously popular and enjoyable for all ages. However Hytale has created an uproar in the minecraft community and general adventure gaming fans across the internet. I wont waste time going over the background of the studio or minecraft but get right into explaining this game.

So what is Hytale exactly?

This game is and adventure rpg sandbox game. It focuses on players looking for content in adventure, story, and secrets. Additionally it caters to the creators both in game and out of game for building, modding, and scripting. The world has zones with their own set of biomes and presets that influence how the biomes are shaped. I was not able to determine how large the zones are or if the world is infinitely generating, but the world looks beautiful with mysteries at every turn. Overall the game feels like minecraft with more detail but with its own twist to make it still feel unique. There will be prefabbed structures and dungeons scattered through the world with both passive and hostile objectives.

Seek Adventure!

Venture out into the world through the many landscapes with handcrafted quests and stories. Unravel the story of your world by clearing monsters from a mage tower or underground caverns with many secrets. Take up the challenge of overcoming large boss creatures by yourself or with friends! Hytale will leave you with a unique story for you to uncover with the statement that no 2 adventures will be the same. Chose who you want to be from a settler, craftsmen, or full adventurer with hand tailored experiences for all play types. Master the world around you and become a legend of your own adventure by whatever role you chose to enjoy!


This is where a lot of comparison to minecraft comes into the details of this game. Building offers 4 different textures for each material considered for building. Objects such as slabs, stairs, fencing, pillars, and walls will be able to be made from building materials. Based on the videos released it appears that farming hunting and cooking will be prevalent within the game. Meaning (not confirmed) there will be survival mechanics such as eating. The best experience will be with friends who will cover all aspects to help you master this world! However much like minecraft im sure its possible to survive on your own.

Things to know!

Hytale is still heavy in development with promises of Beta access coming soon. No official release date has been announced for this game as of yet however the admins and community around this game post a lot. Watch the trailer below and check out the links provided below to find more detail on this game.

Hytale Website: