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SnowRunner: Traversing the Hostile Wasteland

Focus Interactive’s Official SnowRunner Trailer

Traversing Hostile Wastelands

Anyone who knows the “runner” series knows that its always been about the smell of hot rubber and burning octane as the player is putting the rubber to the mud. In this installment of it, there is subtle differences from that usual motto, but we’ll get into that in a moment. As seen in the trailer provided above, the player is thrust into the chaotic world of being a professional driver through the “wastelands” that no one else can or would go. To bring vital supplies to those who have no other way of receiving them.

Is This Game Worth It?

For many players this is a very valid question to ask, but never more than with this title. As SnowRunner was announced, and the initial trailer showed what looked to be a remake of MudRunner, the public began to wonder why they would purchase this as it appeared to be nothing more than a DLC for MudRunner.

The biggest difference within the content of SnowRunner and its predecessor, Mudrunner, is the content of the player’s cargo. During Mudrunner gameplay, the player only has one goal through all maps and scenarios. That goal is to find the lumber and get it to the sawmill. This can be accomplished using a variation of vehicles and strategic route planning.

“How is that Different then SnowRunner?”, You may ask. Let me tell you, SnowRunner offers a grand new environment to attempt to traverse. With that, it appears that the cargo selection is much greater than the previous timber-runner feature that Mudrunner had. Featuring everything from lumber, to different building supplies and essential consumables to go from place to place with. To go with that, it appears that vehicles are either purchasable, or up-gradable via a workshop. As opposed to the very cut and dry “trailer-select” that Mudrunner had.

Okay, what else is there to look forward to?

In addition to new maps and new cargo types, there are a few new brands of vehicles that have never been officially in the “Runner” series. The new brands include Chevrolet, Caterpillar, freight-liner and Hummer. As well as that it features a new style of game-play, packed with not only new vehicles and cargo, but new environments and weather conditions. As snow and ice are now thrown into the mix causing completely new driving conditions for the player to attempt to master, or even make it through to the other side!

In Addition…

With SnowRunner gaining more and more popularity within the “Driving Simulator” community, I for one am extremely excited to get my hands on what is looking to be a Driver’s Paradise. You all can look forward to seeing episodes of this coming out as soon as humanly possible on Youtube and Streams on Twitch as soon as this masterpiece is available. If you dont already know… you can find my Youtube Channel here, and My Twitch channel here. Please feel free to come join in on the action!


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BONEWORKS: What we know!

With VR quickly on the rise, it certainly leaves no shortage of potential when it comes to technological advances, new game mechanics, and great new ways to experience gaming. This folks is the final stages in what appears to be one of the greatest VR fps games to exist.

BONEWORKS is a game that is your mission, your way. Bringing the fight to your playing field in ways that games like Pavlov VR and Zero Caliber have yet to reach.


As stated a bit before, BONEWORKS is a new age FPS that brings combat to your corner with new mechanics that most games have yet to either come across, or are yet to combine in their arsenal. BONEWORKS is your mission, your way, which means that everything around you, is at your disposal.

As seen in the trailer, unlike the other FPS games, it does not require a gun to progress. It really makes it into a scene where the greatest weapon that you have, is you.

BONEWORKS manages to introduce traditional shooter characteristics, while adding puzzles and twists to enhance the gaming experience. While maintaining the basics of an FPS, BONEWORKS really begins to thrive with the ability to utilize the environment around the player either in addition to, or instead of a firearm. So even if you manage to run out of ammo, the enemy can still catch those hands!

So, why the sudden attention?

This game has got major attention from gamers and authors like myself, because we have been tracking the development, ogling at every new feature that is added. Only to see that at the end of this trailer video, an actual release date has been given.

As it stands currently, it appears that the game will be made available on December 10th 2019. Just it time for the holidays. I will be posting up here and on the YouTube channel as well upon its release and leading up to it.

I Strongly urge anyone that either has a VR kit or that is looking to get one to look into this game as well, it is the reason that I decided to leap into all that is virtual reality. Feel free to check out the Steam page HERE. Also make sure to show Stress Level Zero some Max Level Mag love, as they have been busting their rear trying to make this game the best it can be!


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Zero Caliber: Weapons Galore!

Zero Caliber is a fantastic VR experience for those either have or are trying to learn about weapon knowledge. It features, most military weapons used in the present and some from the days of old! Today we will take a walk into everything this experience has to offer!

Zero Caliber, Explained!

Zero Caliber is a Weapons/Combat based VR experience that puts the user in the body of a soldier that has been tasked with defending the people against a terrorist organization known as the Tlalokii, in a time frame where humanity seems to be on its last legs. In this universe, water is in short supply, and it is your job to protect what is left of it.

As the player, the game starts with a brief tutorial of the basic VR controls. After the tutorial is completed, The player must go through a “boot camp” that shows the player how game-play mechanics work, as well as the start of weapon “building” or weapons customization, as well as giving the player their first taste of combat.

Weapons, Attachments and More!

Zero Caliber has an exquisite ability to pick a weapon, and customize it however you like. As it can be seen in the Image above, that player prefers a red dot sight, a vertical fore-grip and a suppressor. The game gives you an opportunity while between missions to visit the armory. Where you can buy new weapons with earned in-game currency (no micro-transactions here) once they are unlocked through game-play. Then pull piece by piece what you would like to place on the weapon.

Even though weapons must be unlocked, there is no raise in concern for those who want to get into the action with their style of weapon sooner. Any weapon and attachment can be found “in the field” during missions. These can be saved within “statues” found just outside the armory. These can also save your favorite loadout in its entirety as well.

Zero Caliber is pricey, Is it worth it?

My absolute response when asked this question is yes. Typically ranging around $29.99 USD on the Steam store, it does provide an amazing experience for gun/war enthusiasts. Although there are only around 7 missions to complete, the game is multiplayer and is still being updated and developed, and more missions as well as well as new guns are sure to come! Feel free to check it out on the steam store here.


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Max Level Tech: Logitech X56-Hotas

Today in Max Level Tech, we’re going to be talking about the logitech/saitek X56-Hotas flight stick. This flight stick is everything that any kind of flight enthusiast could ask for on a budget. In this article we are going to go through the pro’s, con’s, and everything that someone needs to know about this piece of tech.

As one can see by the picture of the Logitech/Saitek X56-Hotas, there are more buttons that most people will know what to do with. Not even getting started on the fact that this flight stick is separable! To give a brief overview of the control capabilities of this flight stick combo, the left piece will be referred to as “the throttle”, and the right as “the stick”.

Control Schemes Galore!

To give an idea of just how many control schemes that the X56-Hotas is capable of, first we must go through the buttons. The throttle in its entirety, has twenty-two press-able buttons and flip switches, ten axes for variable control, two directional pads and three programmable modes.

As for the stick, four axes for variable control, three directional pads, two triggers, and two buttons. So as one can tell, the picture above does not do a justice to the actual capabilities of this device, and we’re just getting started.

What else can it do?

As seen above, the throttle can split apart to assist in multi-engine control of either aircraft and spacecraft. Also, this flight stick is separable in terms of usage, so its user can plug in the stick, and leave the throttle unplugged, and vise versa.

Once it is set up, and all the proper software is downloaded onto the user’s PC, this stick throttle set-up becomes completely programmable to how each control reacts to the user’s input. As well as coming with adjustable springs for the flight stick’s resistance in hand. This thing is also equipped with RGB abilities, with a back glow around all of the toggle switches and lighting on the flight stick as well. All adjustable via download-able software.

Okay, what are it’s downfalls?

As with any piece of gaming equipment, everything has its downfalls. With the Logitech/Saitek X56-Hotas, it has a few issues that seem to be a matter of personal preference. One of its issues is that unlike the Thrustmaster variant of the Hotas design, this set does not have quite the weight in its bases. Therefore if they are not secured, then during heavy or intense play, they may move on the user. Next, the RGB function is stand-alone, which means that if you have Razer’s “Chroma” or Corsair’s “ICUE” this device will most likely not sync with those.

In Summary….

The X56-hotas is in my personal opinion, the best flight stick that a person on a budget can get. Typically they run about $240-$250. This is still pricey, however there are some flight sticks that are generally the same design that cost close to $500. These are flight sticks that Myself and Yotsune use, both of us have no real issues with these devices. They work perfectly with games that we like to play, like War Thunder, Aerofly FS, and Star Citizen. I would personally recommend to anyone that wants a complicated flight set-up, without completely breaking the bank! Feel free to check it out for yourself here. It also has a list of every game that is completely compatible with this flight stick.

Twisted Trisler @ MaxlevelMag

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Farming Simulator 2019: Cotton DLC

As of the morning of July 23rd 2019 Giants Software has released it’s latest DLC. Only this time, it’s all about the cotton!

As most of the die-hard Farming Simulator 2019 players are aware, in the beginning of the development stages of the game, Giants Software went above and beyond to secure new licenses for real brands to be able to have in game. One of those is John Deere.

About the New DLC…

Upon the release of this DLC, players have been able to use yet another iconic piece of American agriculture equipment on their virtual farm. This DLC features the John Deere CP 690 cotton harvester, as well as an array of cotton bale handling equipment from brands like McCormack Industries and Giants Software’s in-house brand “lizard” to go along with it. With that they are adding in a new cotton bale type, the cotton round bale!

Images courtesy of the Farming Simulator website.

What Are All the New Implements?

To go into detail regarding new equipment, allow me to start with the McCormack individual bale handlers. In this pack, there are three types of implements for individual bale handling, one is a bale fork, used for picking up cotton bales from the unwrapped side profiles. The next is an undercarriage style, picking up from the same side as the bale fork, while lifting the bale from underneath, reducing damage to the inside of the bale. The third is an over the top carrier, which grabs from the wrapped round part of the bale, which allows for a different loading style on other vehicles.

As well as individual bale handlers, they are also adding in bale trailers. In total they are adding in three cotton bale trailers, one from McCormack Industies and two from lizard. The McCormack trailer is designed to pick up bales from the wrapped round side and hoist them onto the trailer so they are “sideways”, meaning it has to use rollers and some tipping to offload. The other two are clones of the in-game trailers, but scripted to take round bales.

Image courtesy of Farming Simulator 2019 Fact Sheets

In Summary…

This DLC adds a few new items to the player’s arsenal of agricultural heavy lifting. It does appear to be a good deal as all the items that were listed above are only five dollars on the Farming Simulator website. Also If you click Here, you can swing over to the official website where you can check it out for yourself and maybe even purchase it!


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Mist Survival

Mist Survival is a new up and coming survival/ horror game set in a post apocalyptic world. It bases its game-play on the player’s ability to sneak and scavenge goods for survival. Even though there hasn’t been an official time stamp placed on the game’s story line, it appears to take place around the mark of 2000, to 2010.

Beware the mist

Mist Survival on Steam

Mist Survival is available via Steam as an early access release, and is updated regularly by Capt Lord Rati and their team on steam. They do appear to have a decent update schedule, it can be sporadic at times, however they have an update planned in august that adds in new character game models, and even a look at the “mysterious creature” that the game itself refers to as the survival madness begins.

Still doesn’t feel like home

How Is the Game-play of Mist Survival?

As with most scavenge/horror based survival games, Mist Survival has multiple enemies that can be a real problem for the player if they proceed too recklessly. As well as the infected threat that applies whenever clearing a house, the threat continues as bandits are stationed around the map at various locations. All of which are armed, and have a selection of different weapons at their disposal.

While dealing with bandits the player cannot forget about the infected threat that doesn’t appear to be, but is always a problem for the player. The infected cannot come out during daylight. Rather they take cover in houses and buildings during the daytime, making scavenging that much more dangerous. However, Mist events can happen in what appears to be random intervals throughout the daylight cycle, which draws out the vicious infected during the day.

As well as weapon based and hand to hand based combat. Mist Survival also includes what could be considered the beginnings to a dynamic injury system. As the player is injured, depending on where they are injured on the body, will effect the time it takes to heal. If the injury is on a part of the body that is used and causes bleeding, the injury may partially heal, and then “break open” causing the player to continue bleeding and the player could potentially bleed out.

In Summary…

This article was never written to be a review of the game itself, but more of an informative article. Although, this is currently one of the best early access, non-server based survival games that I have played to date, and has excellent potential to be something beautiful in the future. I would highly recommend everyone to check it out.


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Halo Infinite: What We Know

With E3 2019 in the books, many games or significant progress reports were revealed to the public. One of those was the greatly anticipated Halo Infinite, the next major piece in our favorite super-soldier’s journey. “Next major piece?” you might ask, yes, Halo Infinite will be “Halo 6”. Even though it does not follow the traditional Halo styling with having name then number, this will be the next installment in the series.

What Game Platforms will Halo Infinite be released on?

As it stands currently, 343 Industries will follow with traditional Halo ruling, sticking only to Microsoft products for its platform. However, following in the footsteps of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Halo Infinite will be making an appearance as well on Windows 10.

In fact, it appears that Microsoft and 343 industries might be taking a page from their old play-book and attempting to release Halo Infinite with their new console as well. This is the same plan that they executed back in 2001 with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Halo Infinite Release Date?

A release date has not been set for Halo Infinite yet, however after doing a bit of research, It could be theorized that the release date will be in 2020 along with the new “Project Scarlet” as well. 343 Industries most likely will make this happen due to the creation of an entire new game engine to enhance the looks and game mechanics of Halo Infinite. This new game engine that has been created will most likely need something more powerful then the traditional xbox one.

Master Chief in Halo Infinite

One question that many people have asked, “Is Master Chief going to be in Halo Infinite?” Yes, he will once again be the main protagonist, as this is a continuation of the Halo series. It is not known however, what exactly his mission is, or why he is back in the armor that was seen in Halo 2. In my personal opinion, this will make an absolutely interesting storyline addition.

What will Halo Infinite Multiplayer be like?

343 Industries has not released much about Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Of the few details that have been released, it has been found out that Forge will be returning to the halo universe, as well as traditional halo game modes such as Slayer, Team Slayer. It has been stated by Frank O’Connor of 343 Industries that a “battle royale” mode will not be available in Halo Infinite as they do not want to stick to trends, but would rather put game types in that fit Halo instead.

In Summary…

Halo Infinite will be coming to both Xbox and Windows 1. This is amazing in the fact that Halo fans have wanted an ability to play on PC since halo 2 in 2007. Infinite will also have a very interesting storyline based around the events of Halo 5: Guardians, with what appears to be a retro twist. Also, Master Chief will be where he belongs, in the center of all of it.

Thats It for now, be sure to stay tuned here at Max Level Mag for more on Halo Infinite, and other games coming out in the near future, or any games that we as gamers, like to play.


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Max Level Mag Media Outbreak

In the recent days, Max Level Mag has made some major changes and major improvements have been made including a media outbreak! As well as the improvements made, there will also be a major live stream coming up soon featuring a few of the authors from right here at Max Level Mag.

Media Outbreak, What does that mean?

Max Level Mag is no longer operating solely on this website anymore, as we have grown into a full social media platform as well. As some of you know, Max Level Mag has been slowly branching out from just using the website for a while, but nothing has really been said about it all as one big picture until now! In addition to this website, you can also find our work/gameplay/news on twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

If you are curious about following Max Level Mag on any other platforms, you can follow us on Twitter Here, Facebook Here. If you aren’t a regular on site, or would like to keep up on other widely used platforms, thats the easiest way. On Youtube, I am the sponsored Youtuber of Max Level Mag, and you can find current and future article trailers an game reviews here.

Live Stream News:

Tuesday, July 2nd, there will be a live stream starting at 10 a.m. going to 10 p.m. This will be hosted by a few of the authors here at Max Level Mag, Including Myself, Yotsune, and Pandaku. Throughout the day we will be playing all different kinds of games. The games that we have planned are: Stardew Valley, Star Citizen, State of Decay 2, Sea of thieves, and Possibly Farming Simulator 2019. We hope to see you there!

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Farming Simulator 2019

It is finally time that I wrote an article on not only the series that got my Youtube Channel started, but the latest game in its series. Farming Simulator 2019 is the latest and greatest from developer Giants Software. Farming Simulator as a whole is not a series for those who play only action or story driven games, as its name is the game precisely.

Farming Simulator 19 as a stock game features a complete sandbox environment, as the players only objective is to grow their farming empire. This can be performed through various acts such as; general grain agriculture as pictured above, animal husbandry, and growth with helping other farms complete various tasks around their farms.

A few of the new features that Farming Simulator 2019 has over its predecessors are as follows; Entirely buildable/customizable farms via placeable working structures, “Tip Anywhere” which allows for dumping on the ground anywhere that is owned by the farmer, ownable/buyable plots, player buys land instead of just a single field. As well as different game-play mechanics, Giants Software also added got licensing for John Deere equipment as well as Wilson and Lode King. This adds in an entire new array of American based field equipment as well as new grain/commodity and livestock trailers.

As well as the new options for your farm, your vehicles, Farming Simulator 19 also features brand new animals to use for the players agricultural growth. The new animals are a new range of cows to utilize for dairy purposes as well as horses. Horses can be ridden around the different maps to different scenic locations. In fact, riding them is a requirement for people who wish to actually make money off of them. So in an indirect and lowly detailed way, horse training can be added to the methods of game-play.

As with every Farming Simulator in the past, Farming Simulator 2019 is heavily driven by modifications and DLC’s that are posted and published by not only Giants themselves, but other authors all around the globe. If there is something that was missed by Giants that is regularly used in the agricultural world, you better believe its out there somewhere as a mod. As well as having the mods, Farming Simulator is actually one of the easiest games that I personally have come across. It is generally an easy one step concept of taking the zip file, and placing it in the mods folder. Thats it!

I will be revisiting Farming Simulator 2019 on my channel soon and when it is available, a new article will be posted here on Max Level Mag. As well as the new article, the video will be posted here. If you go there and you like what you see then please Subscribe.


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Max Level Airsoft

Max Level Mag as a community of authors has recently gotten into playing Airsoft as well as playing different Video Games. We will be playing at any and all fields located in the Northern Colorado area. As our community grows, we will be looking into playing in different cities and fields out of state as well.

The latest war that we attended was held at GoAirheads Airsoft Facility in Erie, Colorado. We have also been known to work along side them as we help each other out. Their field is marked as our home field and is where most of our community based events will be. They have also provided great assistance with either new gear, or repairing our old gear that has spent too much time in the field and requires new parts or maintenance.

As well as GoAirheads, we have also been known to work with and play at Fox Airsoft’s facilities as well. They have multiple places where they host different games, at different locations, and have different capabilities for the different game play styles.

As well as these two companies that have been gracious enough to allow us to utilize their facilities, we are also in talks with our surrounding cities to find potential game play fields to host different objective based games. As mentioned before, Myself, and fellow author Yotsune, have been going out and actually playing at these fields and we will be posting up here at Max Level Mag as well as our gaming discord, as to when our future airsoft events will be.

Our Most Recent event at GoAirheads Airsoft facility will be up very soon and can be found Here. If any of our readers out there would like to come out and meet us, play with us, please stay tuned here at Max Level Mag for more info as to where and when we will be playing throughout this next year!