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20 February 2019

Today we would like to look at some basic combat in Anthem’s Beginner Combat Guide. In Anthem, your Javelin suit is key to how you will play. Each Javelin suit has its own strength and can be modified to fit your playstyle. When you start, you will not have access to all the Javelins. The first will be unlocked at level 2,the second at level 8, the third at level 16, and the fourth at level 26.

Check out the awesome video by MoonLiteWolf – Anthem Tips and Tricks on the basics of Javelin Combat:

video by MoonLiteWolf – Anthem Tips and Tricks on the basics of Javelin Combat

Javelins come in four flavors of playstyle: The tank, close-combat melee, balanced melee-ranged, and long-range combat.

The Colossus is the damage dealing, strong defensive tank. The Colossus dish out some serious damage as it’s the only Javelin that can wield Heavy Weapons. It can also protect squad mates with a massive directional shield and thick armor.

The Interceptor is the fast moving, agile close-combat Javelin. This suit is for those who prefer fast-paced up close attacks. Get in and do some serious damage and get out before enemys can touch you.

The Ranger Javelin is a balanced suit. This suit is perfect for most playstyles as it offers both close-combat and long-range combat playing styles. The Ranger generally has something in its arsenal for almost any situation.

The Storm Javelin is the long-range elemental fighter. If you would prefer to hover above the crowd and unleash a rain of fire, ice, and lightning attacks down on your enemies then this javelin is for you. Storm has light armor so its best to avoid the heavy fighting and damage from a safe distance.

In Anthem, you begin each expedition by selecting the javelin you want to use. When you choose the suit, think about what kind of mission you are running, you can’t change Javelins until the expedition is complete. The Forge is where you will customize your loadout. Select the gear that is optimized for your playstyle. There are several different areas of your javelin that can be modified, attack combos, increasing weapon effectiveness, lowering cool-downs and more.

Each Javelin has space for (not all slots are available to start)

2 – Assault gear

1 – Support gear

2 Weapons

6 Components

Make sure to check what you collect after each mission at the Forge. Items have their own level of rarity – Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic / Masterwork / Legendary

Javelins have their own unique abilities. Abilities need to charge over time before they are ready to use. Killing enemies or helping allies will charge your abilities faster. Try to make it worth using your ultimate, wasting it on a single target should be avoided. You can also use an ulitimate to restore you health and shields.

There is plenty more to Anthem’s combat that we will be looking into in future posts, but for now these are just some basics to keep in mind when you are first starting out in Anthem.

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