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author image by N4G News | 0 Comments | February 3, 2019
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Profchaos1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

I went in with an open mind I played it on both PS pro and xbox.

I thought pro had some performance issues especially frame rate drops in the marketplace could be due to it being a earlier build I was running the PC version with a 2070 and it was buttery smooth. The frame rate issues on the console only appeared in the marketplace it the actual levels combat was reasonably smooth.

But I was a bit surprised with the lack of ray tracing given EA already had it in bf.

Still it was visually nice to look at but not that fun to play outside of the jetpack mechanism the combat still felt like a chore enemies are bullet sponges and dumb ai means I can walk right around a turrent or stand in the open perfectly fine.

The game felt uninspired to me not like a true bioware game.

Its just my opinion but I felt like there wasn’t any meat to the story elements presented and I don’t see the story hitting the heights of mass effect









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