Albion Online, Whats your Story? True Cross Platform

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Albion online is a sandbox mmo across almost all platforms! Much like Runescape there are many skills such as crafting, refining, and combat. All skills have multiple options to explore for skill trees. The game encourages you to play the way you want with such options as being an adventure, entrepreneur, a soldier, bandit, and more! Enjoy PVP if that is the way you want to play or stay to PVE zones to avoid that hassle. Albion Online is free to play with pay for premium features. For me and my play style the premium feature is irrelevant since I play casually. For some this may be a deal breaker however I do still recommend trying the game and forming an opinion

What is Gameplay like?

Much like Runescape you press/ click where you want to move and interact with. I have played both on my PC and my phone ( Note 10+ 4k resolution) and both clients work great! You will start the game in a tutorial island that at first feels very simple. Don’t let this sway you. The tutorial quickly expand and you will want to pay attention to what the tutorial has to offer. It will introduce you to combat, skills, crafting, and the basics of the economy if you chose to explore it. Crafting is simple but satisfying and in later stages will be essential to the marketplace. Armor, weapons, and tools all have durability that will eventually break and need to be replaced.

Crafting is the process of going out into the world and gathering a variety of raw materials from nature. Basic materials you will encounter early on will be ores, hides, wood, and stone ect. After collecting the appropriate amount you need you will go back to a town and work at a station/ npc to refine the materials. Most crafting and refining will be done this way. As far as I can tell most cities you travel to will have said stations that will allow you to get the work done. There is a limited carry capacity of goods within your character. However I believe that certain mounts can expand the amount of goods carried.

The economy!

This is huge for any sandbox mmo game. Luckily we seem to have been provided one where the vast majority of goods are completely player driven between supply and demand. With most everything having durability players will need to craft and sell goods for players who can’t be bothered to craft said goods. Because of this and the many other play styles most anything from raw materials to refined/ crafted goods have value! Most importantly each market is local based meaning all items sold in one location have to be acquired at that location. This means armed escorts for warrior players will be essential for traveling merchant players.

PvP and such.

Even though its not quite my style I still enjoy the fear of other players in the world. Outside the protection of the royal guards lies many players waiting to strike and take what is yours. Because players will be traveling with goods to sell at prime locations and that will make them targets. But why do players attack other players? Most of the time is for wealth opportunities. Alternatively players will do it just for the reaction and that is an option for you.

Pvp will be a combination of what skills you chose to learn and stats given by your equipment. Much like other combat competitive games there are combinations of skills that will counter other skills and you will have your own set of counters. When going into battle will best be done in organized groups that will have your skills exploits covered.

Additional Content.

Real estate and player housing are prevalent within Albion. When advancing through the game you will be able to buy/ build housing. You can do this on the mainland or by purchasing an island. Building your property, depending on what you build, will give bonuses to your craft or profession that you make for yourself. There are many benefits to crafting and other features in the game. To much to actually list in this article. However if craft is your game definitely consider starting a home. The benefits will be worth it.

With territory and land comes land disputes. Players owning land comes fighting over land. Guilds can fight over territory for territorial benefits. These battles, over territories, will take place as 5v5 skirmishes with the victor taking the territory. Additionally cities can be captured by guilds in big 20v20 battles. Capturing territory will benefit the guild and will stack with the more territories you own.

There is tons still to do in Albion Online And the best part is it is free to play, so why not try it out?


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