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31. Jan, 2019

8-Bit Hordes releases on February 1st on PlayStation 4. Check out the new launch trailer below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXLwJqC51_U&w=560&h=315]

From the press release:

The Hordes are here:
8-Bit Hordes is the second game in the 8-Bit RTS Series by Petroglyph, known from their work on many RTS games and currently working on the Command & Conquer™ remake. It’s a fantasy RTS in which players build a headquarters and raise a massive army of magical beings such as Phoenixes, Treants, Dragons and Cyclopes, to crush the opponents. In their review, PlayStation Country describes 8-Bit Hordes as “a fun, accessible-yet-challenging RTS that speaks to the dev’s heritage”.

Online cross-title battles:
8-Bit Hordes offers a unique online cross-title multiplayer mode with the other two games in the series, which means that players who own 8-Bit Hordes can battle online against players who own 8-Bit Armies or 8-Bit Invaders!. The first game in the series, modern military themed 8-Bit Armies, already launched for console in 2018. On the 26th of February the third and final game in the series, the sci-fi RTS 8-Bit Invaders!, will also release for PS4™ and Xbox One.

8-Bit Hordes features:
-Conquer Singleplayer campaign, Online Multiplayer, Co-op & AI Skirmish mode
-Battle in destructible environments, ranging from haunted forests to the underworld
-Command one of two factions – the brave Lightbringers or the evil DeathSworn
-Enjoy an entirely original soundtrack from award-winning artist Frank Klepacki
-Mix up 8-Bit Hordes, 8-Bit Armies and 8-Bit Invaders! in online cross-title multiplayer










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